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Uh oh, Barack Obama is coming to Oklahoma…

mary fallin toasting obama

I guess this explains why you spotted your neighbor peering through the mini-blinds over the weekend.

Last week, President Barack Obama announced he will be coming to Oklahoma to shut down local churches, impose his communist agenda, and oversee military training exercises for his planned invasion of Texas. It's all part of his "Oklahoma is OK" sightseeing tour.


President Barack Obama will spend parts of two days in Oklahoma next week, speaking at the Choctaw Nation about economic opportunity and visiting the federal prison in El Reno to talk about criminal justice reform, the White House announced Friday.

The president's trip to the Choctaw headquarters in Durant is set for Wednesday, and the prison visit for Thursday. Obama will spend Wednesday night in Oklahoma.

Obama's trip to the El Reno Correctional Institution will mark the first visit by a sitting president to a federal prison, White House spokesman Keith Maley said.

While there, the president will meet with law enforcement officials and inmates and talk to "VICE" for an HBO documentary "about the realities of our criminal justice system,'' Maley said.

For someone who apparently hates Oklahoma, Obama sure is spending a bunch of time getting to know our state and culture. This will the third time he's visited Oklahoma as president. The first two times he toured oil reserves in Cushing and tornado damage in Moore. Now he's going to visit a prison and meet with tribal leaders. Does this man know our state or what?! I wonder what's next on his agenda? Visiting a home for teen moms? Touring a meth lab? Spraying chemtrails? Getting diabetes? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he buys a lot in Grand Lake and opens up a fried pie stand while he's here. We may have to name him an official Oklahoman. Your neighbor will love that.

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