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The Moore Liquor Marquee dropped an N-word Obama joke…

Over the years, we've become fans of the Moore Liquor Marquee. It generally provides smart, witty and occasionally absurd commentary on politics, pop culture and the day's events. Here are a few of my favs from when we counted down the Top 10 Moore Liquor Marque Signs from last year...

moore liquor tornado

moore liquor 8 moore liquor marquee ]

moore liquor 13
moore liquor 16

See what I mean? That's some funny stuff for a marquee, especially when you consider most marquee signs are thought up by pastors, fast food employees, high school principals and people who confuse an upside-down '5' for the letter 'S.'

Unfortunately, I'm sad to report the person behind the Moore Marquee has been kidnapped or has one hell of hangover. At least that's what I'm hoping after this racist Obama N-word joke popped up on the marquee a few days ago:

moore marquee nword

As a guy who specializes in offending people while trying to be funny, I know what it's like to miss the mark on a joke and piss people off. I'm a pro at it. But there are some lines you don't cross, and the Moore Liquor Marquee just crossed it. What are you doing? Unless you're in the mood to commit career suicide, there's no excuse for a joke like that. There's one word a white marquee can't say or joke about in this world and the Moore Liquor Marquee just went out and did it. What the fuck? Did the owner hop in a time machine and go back to 1955? Did they hire an SAE as an intern? Did they drink all the liquor in the store?

Of course, Moore Liquor took down the offensive sign. The owner of the store then consulted with Steven Battles and Hipster Boo Boo and issued the following half-assed non-apology:

moore marquee apology

Bryan, when your apology makes you look worse than the thing you're actually apologizing for, you may want to rethink your apology. I like you guys and your other signs, so here's some free advice.

If you ever find yourself apologizing for making an inappropriate racist joke about our President, try to be sincere. Don't try to justify it by saying things like "I like to raise eyebrows" or "Some people thought it was funny." Also, don't use a word that doubles as a derogatory word for homosexuals as an adjective. That just makes you look worse. Instead, write something like this:

"Yesterday we screwed up and put an inappropriate joke on our marquee that was offensive and not funny. It's a joke we probably should have just told our racist customers as they bought a bottle of Wild Turkey inside the store. We apologize for it, regret it and it won't happen again."

See that was easy.

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