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Kent Ogle can jump really high…

kent ogle

The physical specimen pictured above to the left is Kent Ogle. As you know, he's the middle Ogle brother, the morning anchor for KFOR and the closest thing we have to a real life Lost Ogle.

He's also apparently a really high jumper. We know this because he won first place in the Oklahoma Geriatric Games or whatever last weekend in Sulphur.


Morning news anchor, Kent Ogle, the 55-year-old middle brother of the Ogle family news dynasty, won a high jump competition over the weekend.

Ogle performed several successful jumps and scored the gold medal when he hit 4 feet 4 inches.

He competed in the 55+ age bracket of the State Games of Oklahoma in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

Wow. He hit 4 feet, 4 inches? Even Loretta can't jump that high. That's like two Al Eschbachs and one Meg Alexander. I haven't seen an Ogle Brother clear a bar that high since Kelly jumped over Kent on the path to becoming an evening news anchor.

The Games feature more than 14 different events and are held at multiple venues throughout the summer.

The track and field portion of the competition was Saturday June 14th at Sulphur High School.

Ogle’s accomplishment is even more remarkable considering he hasn’t jumped since 1978!

In fact, he was so nervous about the competition Saturday, he didn’t even tell his wife he was going.

“I didn’t want to jynx it.” Ogle said on the show Monday morning. “I didn’t tell anyone.”

Fun Fact #1: I was born the same year Kent Ogle stopped jumping. Fun Fact #2: I look older than Kent Ogle. Fun Fact #3: Kent Ogle is secretive and nervous.

Seriously, he didn't tell anyone he was competing? That's strange. Was he worried his brothers would make fun of him? I bet it really confused his family...

"Mom, why's dad wearing old sweats and jumping over the dog house in the backyard."

"I think he's having another one of those episodes. Call Lucas and tell him to bring the banjo!"

Anyway, what's next for the high jumping Ogle...

Kent Ogle moves on to the national competition in Omaha, Nebraska.

He’s hoping a viewer with a high jump pit might agree to let him practice a few times before the upcoming national competition.

Good luck!!

Hey Moles, if you're going to let Kent use your high jump pit will you please let us know? Also, what are the odds we can get Kevin, Kelly and Abigail to help him train, video the whole thing, and then turn it into the greatest 1980s-style video montage of all time. I wonder how much it costs to buy the rights to Eye of the Tiger?

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