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The mass exodus at KFOR continues…

1:53 PM EDT on June 10, 2015


We've learned through the Ogle Mole Network that Ed Doney, the lone anchor of KFOR's melancholy "Sunday Night's with Ed" 10:00pm newscast, was apparently fired from KFOR Channel for bad penmanship. He's now waiting tables at the Bricktown Brewery at Remington Park.

Okay, that's a joke. We have no clue when he left, why he left, where he now works or why he signs and addresses autographs with his left hand. If you have any tips, let us know.

In addition to that, we've heard KFOR reporter Jesse Wells, the older brother of Todd from Breaking Bad, will be leaving the station soon. We don't know where or what he's doing either, but it will probably involve grabbing the items off the top shelf of a cabinet for short people.

Hopefully both of these guys take their KFOR departure better than News Mommy Meg Alexander. Over the past couple of months, she's re-tweeted a couple of catty remarks about her Fox News replacement:

meg alexander twet
meg alexander tweet

That's awesome! You know Meg was probably lounging on an over-sized pillow in her backyard she-shed sipping on a glass of Riesling, saw the tweet on her phone, and then said "fuck it" and hit the re-tweet button. I don't blame her. Why take the high road when the lower one is much more fun?

Anyway, I think it's safe to say that KFOR Channel 4 is in a bit of free fall. Since longtime news director Mary Anne Eckstein was sent packing and replaced by some dude from Tulsa a few years ago, the station has parted ways with nearly three dozen employees. That's extreme even for a high turnover field like TV news. Things are getting so bad that Kevin Ogle is training to be a cameraman and Linda Cavanaugh is telling her closest friends that she feels like a "Stranger In Her Own Land."

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