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This woman knows a lot about spray paint…

huff lady walmart

I think we found a match for the Golden Huffer!

Earlier this week, Stacy Young was found huffing away at her own personal spray paint buffet inside the Chickasha Walmart. At least that's the story according to Chickasha PD. Stacy claims she was simply examining the paint.


A woman is arrested in Chickasha after allegedly getting high in Walmart.

She’s accused of ‘huffing paint,’ but she reportedly told police she was just checking the paint color...

It was just after noon on Monday that police got the call.

Employees and customers alike reported seeing a woman, 44-year-old Stacy Young, spending an awful long time in the spray paint aisle.

“She’d been spraying numerous cans of spray paint into the air, and onto her clothing, and then smelling the paint in an attempt to get high,” said McClain. “She seemed to be a little oblivious as to who was watching her.”

Reports show Young was pretty preoccupied with the paint.

Employees allegedly found Young sitting cross legged, with a thick smell of paint the air and cans littering the floor.

“She said she was trying to determine what color the paint was,” noted McClain.

Young explained to police that the paint was to be used to paint her friend’s house.

Serious question, do paint colors have their own unique smells and flavors? If so, I don't blame this lady for sampling the items. How else are you going to find out if green is lime or sour apple? Walmart needs to put those little pink spoons in the spray paint aisle so people can try samples.

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