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Jessica Schambach is concerned about “Cheap Shit” wedding dresses…

If you're getting tired of all the rain and severe weather, imagine how the folks in our local TV news media must feel. For the past few weeks, the news has turned into one giant severe weather mad lib:

"Good (time of day). Severe weather continues in (Oklahoma nickname). Let's go live to (First Name) (Last Name) in (Oklahoma Town) with Fast Unit (TV Channel) with more details on the (Weather Event) that's hit that area."

You can tell the wall to wall weather coverage is taking a toll on the nerves, psyche and patience of our local weathermen. Yesterday afternoon, there were tornadoes in the Durant area and none of the news channels seemed to care. I switched it over to Channel 9 to see what was happening and David Payne just stood in front of a blank green screen with bloodshot eyes, a five o'clock shadow and rolled-up sleeves mumbling something about riding the trains in Mike Morgan's basement. It was scary.

The weather doldrums have even warped the minds of the news folks, too. Last night, Channel 5 tried to end their 5pm newscast on a lighthearted note about a toilet paper wedding dress contest. I'm not sure if Jessica Schambach had a Freudian slip or was simply being honest, but this happened:

Hey, Jessica Schambach was right about one thing. Even if it's made from expensive stuff like Charmin, a wedding dress made out of toilet paper is cheap shit.

After watching the clip, I poked a little a fun at Schambach on Twitter. This was her reply:

Yeah, it just "sounds that way." So, she was going to say "Chick" for "Chic" and accidentally said "Shit." Seems reasonable. It's not the first time it's happened on Channel 5...

Well, I guess we know why Paul Folger didn't burst out laughing. Instead, he did typical Paul Folger things like this...

paul folger

h/t Ogle Mole Network

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