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PETA is not fond of Oklahoma City’s Dead Cat Theatre Curriculum…

The Internet is now complete. Nothing more can be added. It's done.

Yesterday, PETA released a video showing a group of Oklahoma High School students performing a festive, choreographed dance routine with a bunch of dead cats that were about to be dissected. The students attend Harding Charter School.

If you're not bothered by dead animals having a good time, check it out.

That's nice. It's refreshing to see a YouTube video of Oklahoma students singing and it not involve a racist chant. When I was first alerted to the clip, I was worried the cats were going to sing about hanging dogs from trees and how they'll never be dissectees. Way to stay classy, kids, and show the world that some of the people in Oklahoma are still creative, smart and civilized.

Actually, I think the video had the opposite effect. Check out this sensationalized, tabloid report from across the pond via the Daily Mail. They're not too fond of this "macabre."

A group of students at one of America's top high schools filmed themselves performing a sick dance routine with dead cats in their classroom before posting the video on Facebook, the Daily Mail Online can reveal.

The disturbing footage shows eight young students from a flagship charter school - which is rated among the best schools in the USA - making the cat corpses 'dance' to music in a school laboratory while being 'conducted' by another student.

The students, from the Harding Charter Preparatory High School in Oklahoma, ranked number one in Oklahoma and 23 in the USA, can be seen laughing as they stand in a row with the cats – meant to be dissected in their anatomy class - then wave them side to side to the 'Meow Mix' cat food commercial song.

First of all, if you would have told me that bunch of OKCPS students would get in trouble for making a nicely choreographed video of dead cats dancing, I would have guessed they all went to Classen School of Advanced Studies. That's the hipster arts school, right? These kids went to the fancy Harding Charter school. They're our future doctors, scientists and now apparently, serial killers.

In the video – obtained by the Daily Mail Online - one student stands before the other eight and can be seen 'directing' the macabre routine with another dead cat. 

As the well-known 'Meow Mix' song starts to play, the students smile at each other as they make the dead cats touch each other and bounce in synchronized movements.

At the end of the video, the student director holds up a sign that reads, 'Piccolo and the Pussycats'...

Piccolo and the Pussycats? I'd pay $5 to see them perform at the Conservatory. It would actually be a fitting venue, because as we all know, the place smells like dead cats.

Animal rights group PETA is now calling on a ban on animal dissection in schools in the wake of the film.

The charity told Daily Mail Online it had sent 'numerous' letters to the Oklahoma City school reporting the incident but received no reply.

Maybe I'm a sociopath, but I don't get the outrage. In fact, the video made me lolz and crave a cheezburger.

Seriously, I don't understand why people are so mad about it. Does it lack tact? Yes. Would I take part in something like it? No. But the cats were already dead! Why's it okay to cut them up and look at their organs, but not let them sing the meow song? What's the difference? Plus, they're cats. I'm not a cat hater like some people, but it's not like the kids were making dead koalas dance around and sing about Eucalyptus trees, which in all honesty, would be pretty damn awesome. We should get the kids from Classen to make that video.

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