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Scott Brooks was fired!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!


Dreams do come true!

Farewell, jokes about Liam Neeson. Good bye, Etch-A-Sketch used to draw-up out-of-bounds plays.

Scott Brooks is out as the coach of Oklahoma City Thunder. Earlier today, Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news on Twitter:

Here was my immediate reaction:

I don't think Brooks is a bad coach. In fact, he's actually a good "players coach," but he struggled in the Xs and O's area of the game. The Thunder are in a win-now mode and need a head coach who can do both.

Is this a risky move? Yes? Can they hire someone worse than Brooks? Yes. But can they hire someone better than Brooks? Yes. The risk is worth the reward. Kudos to Sam Presti for having the balls to make a change. Hallelujah!

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