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The Edmond KFC shows nudity on their TVs…

kfc nudity

The Edmond KFC on Santa Fe and Danforth looks like a fun place to eat... especially if you're a pervert.

We know this thanks to Gerald and April Whalen. Last week they took their family to KFC for dinner and were treated to a steamy, nudity-filled sex scene from the Starz show "Outlander." has all the details...

There's a place for sultry and steamy television and usually it's after dark on a pay channel.

So you could imagine the surprise of one customer at a local fast food restaurant when he saw nudity on the TV.

“Strong sexual content, there was full nudity of both partner,” said customer Gerald Whalen about what was showing on the TV at the KFC near Santa Fe and Danforth last Thursday around 9:30 p.m.

Whalen partially captured the steamy scene with his phone. It's already been viewed tens of thousands of times online.

“Then the sounds started and everyone in the while place could absolutely hear it,” said Whalen, who thought it was a pornographic movie.

You can see him laughing through the whole video about the incident.

Whalen's wife wasn't laughing because the couple's 6-year-old twins were also at the KFC.

“Mommy mode kicked in. I don't think they need to be seeing this,” April Whalen remembered thinking.

She's right. The kids don't need to be seeing nudity and sex on TV. That's why there's an Internet. Know what else the kids don't need? To be eating at KFC! It's too bad "Mommy Mode" doesn't kick in when it comes to choosing healthy dinner options. I don't have kids, but if I bought a couple of them on Craigslist I would much rather them see a gratuitous nipple than consume high sodium, sugar-infused, processed animal goo containing a weeks supply of saturated fat and calories.

Here's the video of the incident. The prudes at News 9 didn't include it with their article...

That's funny. I like how the dude in the white shirt decided to check out the action while waiting for his popcorn chicken. I think he was asking for the remote so he could hit the rewind button. Google "Caitriona Balfe" "Outlander" and you really can't blame him.

Anyway, the most surprising thing about this is the Edmond KFC carries cable premium channels, including Starz, a channel I didn't know anyone actually subscribed to until today. It must be part of a packaged deal. Regardless, that's some high-dollar stuff. Once again, things really are nicer in Edmond. Who wants to meet up at the Popeyes on Broadway to watch Game of Thrones on Sunday night?

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