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These dudes stole jewelry from the OKC Bombing Memorial fence…

Over the weekend, an Ogle Mole sent us a photo of six local weirdos posing for a selfie with the "And Jesus Wept" statue across the street from the National Memorial in Downtown Oklahoma City. Taken from a low angle, the pic shows four individuals – 3 chicks, 1 dude – kneeling at the base of the statue, while two shirtless Plaza District tools stand next to Jesus and hold him like he's Cardboard Jim Traber on a windy day.

The pic lacked any and all taste. It's like the individuals involved were trying to mock the statue. To illustrate their intelligence, the photo was tagged "#urbandare" and captioned with "Grammy selfie ain't got nothin' on us." Yeah, that's great. Who can't forget that awesome Grammys selfie that was taken at the Oscars a few years ago. It's a good thing Bradley Cooper had such a long arm.

I'm not posting the selfie on this site. It's springtime, I'm in a good mood, and I think Oklahoma's already exceeded its "life ruined via Internet public shaming" quota for month. Also, the Jesus Wept selfie wasn't even the most tasteless thing done at the National Memorial this past week. That feat belongs to these two gentleman:

Wyatt Rowell Nathan Baucom

That's Wyatt Rowell and Nathan Baucom. Over the weekend, these two young men dressed up as Valley Brook women and stole items tied to the chain link fence where visitors leave "personal messages of hope, comfort and goodwill."

Classy guys, huh? Here's the story via

Police arrested two men near the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum after witnesses said they saw them take items off the fence where visitors hang mementos to honor the bombing victims.

Wyatt Levi Rowell, 22, and Nathan Alexander Baucom, 19, both of Oklahoma City, were arrested on larceny complaints about 8 p.m. Saturday at 620 N Harvey Ave., police said.

Oklahoma City police said two necklaces, a pink stone and a silver-colored earring were taken in the theft. Rowell was wearing one of the necklaces when police questioned him near the memorial, according to a police report.

Both men were released from jail Monday morning....

And "The State's Most Trusted News" fails again. How do they ignore these dudes were dressed like women that should be in our State Fair Photo Contest? For that low hanging fruit, I guess we'll need to go with the TV news. How about KOCO?

Police said Nathan Baucom and Wyatt Rowell, who was dressed as a woman, stole necklaces, earrings and bracelets off the Oklahoma City National Memorial fence Saturday night...

There, that's better.

Anyway, screw those guys... or gals... or whatever they are. How do you steal from the Bombing Memorial? Was Children's Hospital closed? As punishment, Wyatt and Nathan should be forced to listen to The Katt's OKC bombing version of Lightning Crashes 100 times a day like we all did in the 1990s. Maybe that will help them understand the magnitude of the event, and why the National Memorial is sacred to people all across the world. If that doesn't work, perhaps the judge can just sentence them to be Connie Chung's butlers... or maids... instead. That will show them.

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