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There’s a cat lady at Lake Hefner…

grumpy cat

The Lake Hefner goats have some odd company. No, it's not another donkey.

Last week, The Oklahoman's hipster-in-residence, Graham Lee Brewer, authored a piece about a woman who voluntarily maintains a fledgling colony of feral cats at Lake Hefner. He apparently stumbled across the cat lady during the fall while foraging for wild berries with those guys from MGMT.


On a windy Oklahoma afternoon at Lake Hefner, Jay Cook performs the same routine she does every day, rain or shine. She parks her pickup, its bed loaded to the brim with food and water, next to several colonies of small shelters made of burlap sacks dipped in concrete, and feeds the hundreds of wild cats that cautiously reveal themselves as she approaches.

“Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty,” she calls as she pours dry cat food into small, wooden troughs and cracks open cans of moist, meaty food she lays across the tops of many of the handmade shelters.

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