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Enid is becoming a Big League City

It may be time for the Enid Chamber of Commerce to update their promotional video.

On Sunday, The Enid News Eagle reported that Oklahoma's Cleveland is opening a new recreational hot spot. It will cement the city's status on the annual Forbes list of the "10 Best American Cities To Move To If You Enjoy Boredom."

Via The Enid News Eagle:

Disc golfers of northwest Oklahoma, rejoice.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University has built a nine-hole disc golf course on its Enid campus, and it’s open to the public.

Enid campus Student Services Coordinator Candace Reim said the course was the brainchild of campus Dean Wayne McMillin.

Wow, I bet Dean McMillin can't wait to put "Frisbee Golf Brainchild" on his resume. I'm sure that will get him plenty of interviews at area vo-techs.

“When I got hired here, he said, ‘Man it would be cool if we could do a disc golf course,’” Reim said. “I said, ‘OK!’”

Reim proposed the idea to the student leadership council, who agreed, and began working toward a cost estimate, fundraising and finding donors.

“Randomly, David North  called and said, ‘I love disc golf. What can I do to help?’” Reim said. “He ran with it. We helped raise the money, he built the course, he designed the course, it’s kind of his baby.”

North, general manager at Oakwood Country Club, said having a course in Enid is ideal.

“The next closest course is in Perry,” he said. “It’s nice to have something here where (you) can spend time outside with your family.”

Want to make sure that you and I will never be friends? Invite me to either go disc golfing or to a Dave Matthews Band concert. Better yet, just ask me to move to Enid. That will do the trick. Just don't ask all three at the same time or I may have convulsions.

Okay, I'm just kidding. I think this Frisbee Golf Course is part of Enid's plan to become a mid-tier Big League City. Maybe next year, the town's leaders will install one of those filthy fountain things that shoot water out of the ground for kids to run around and play in. As an act of goodwill, Mayor Cornett should give them white trash Whitewater in Bricktown. That will make up for us stealing Continental Resources.

Once again, I'm just giving Enid a hard time. It's a great city to raise a family if you're in the US Witness Protection Service. I'm happy that the city's residents will finally have something boring to do in between wheat harvests. Watching Brent Price shoot free throws all day must get old.

Plus, they still have this girl as a Maxim Hometown Hottie:

erin enid homestown hottie
erin hometown hottie enid

She's the first thing to come up when I search out photo archive for Enid. That's not too bad. You'd be terrified to see what happens when you search Woodward.

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