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Target has “50 Shades” of great merchandising…

I always knew something was up with those electric toothbrushes.

Earlier this week, a photo of "50 Shades of Grey" merchandise being sold next to children's toothbrushes at a Tulsa Target went viral on the internet.

Here's the original tweet of the photo:

There has to be an "Oral B" joke in there somewhere, right?

Actually, I don't have a problem this. Kids have to learn about sex toys somewhere. If I were a parent, you'd probably rather talk to them about it in a busy Target as opposed to while they're showing you the handcuffs or "back massager" they found in your night stand.

Plus, Target isn't the only place to try this subtle (and brilliant) tactic. At Walmart, they put the kids toothbrushes next to Paula Dean's new sex book "50 Shades of Gravy." It's not nearly as sexy as it sounds. It's basically all about having sex with butter.

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