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This brothel owner is our UCO “Student of the Month”

Ali Hussain Al-Yousuf,

My alma mater is doing me proud.

Yesterday, News 9 reported that the enterprising young UCO student pictured above, Ali Hussain Al-Yousuf, was arrested for running an off campus brothel. Apparently, the whole thing was part of the coursework for the university's controversial new business class "21st Century Pimpin."

Via News 9:

Undercover agents busted several alleged pimps, human traffickers and prostitutes during a sting operation last week. Among those arrested was a local college student, who is alleged to have been operating a brothel out of his off-campus apartment.

Ali Hussain Al-Yousuf, a student at UCO, is accused of turning his apartment into a house of prostitution.

According to court records, undercover agents responded to an ad for sex on on the evening of January 8, 2015. The officer was instructed to meet the woman at Al-Yousuf's residence at the Villas at Stonebridge Apartments located 157 Stonebridge Blvd.

Neither Al Yousuf nor anyone else answered the door Wednesday when News 9 knocked. But records show, when the agent arrived at the apartment last Thursday, a woman offered to have sex with him for $150.

Officers with Oklahoma City Police Vice Unit and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics' Human Trafficking Unit then rushed in to arrest the alleged prostitute. Also according to records, they found Al-Yousuf hiding in the kitchen pantry.

Does anyone else think News 9 is taking a bit too much liberty with the term "brothel?" When I hear that word, I think of an old two-story house in New Orleans packed with scantily clad young ladies who giggle and lounge leisurely on divans in tight corsets or loose-fitting evening wear while Dolly Parton plays the piano. Never does the word "apartment" or a guy hiding in the kitchen pantry enter my mind.

Also, why are they going with the UCO – or as my grandpa still calls it, "Central State – college student angle? Are they surprised that a UCO student is accomplishing something? It's not like he was advertising the brothel in the Vista. If so, that would be a mistake. There is a Henry Hudsons and the Wolf Trap within minutes of the campus. Who needs a brothel to get laid with those places nearby? If you're in college and need to visit some dude's brothel apartment, getting laid should probably be the least of your concerns. All college students do is drink, have sex and prepare to take your job someday. Other than being poor, it's an awesome life.

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