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People still think we’re part of the Street Outlaws gang…


The 4th season of Street Outlaws debuted on the Discovery Channel a few weeks ago. In this season, the show is getting bigger and better and faster.

In the first episode, some street racers from Chicago challenge Big Chief and the OKC gang to a race off. It gets rained out, so they all formed a circle and had something called a "muffler jerk" instead. In the second episode, Big Chief talks about his dream of someday managing an Auto Zone, while Farm Truck and AZN both learn how to read. It's some touching stuff that I totally just made up.

Like the show's previous seasons, we're once again receiving a little spike in traffic on Monday nights after a new episode airs. This year, things are a bit different. Random people from across the world are no longer stumbling across our award-winning review of the first episode, but instead land on this revelation that Street Outlaws – a "reality" TV show where grown men who look like they just got a lap dance at the Red Dog put on lady motorcycle helmets and race fancy cars on airport runways and state highways that are closed by the police – is not 100% real.

Thanks to these posts, we receive articulate hate mail from Street Outlaws fans like this:

To all the Pin Heads out there crying, that the show is staged. If you mean it's staged, in that the road is shut down by the police and there are EMS  on scene. I got ya, I like that fact safety is strongly considered in the production of this program. The heart of Street Outlaws is in the time,money and effort these young people put in to building these cars. That is real.. And when these Boyz mash their foot in it,,,,,shit just got Really real...So,,,stop worrying about what's going on be hide the scene, and just enjoy the racin!! I can assure you, this is as real as it effen gets..Big Chief Will Rule

Random questions from confused Ogles like this:

Hey my name is Nathan Ogle from Kokomo, I.N. I found ur site looking up stuff about "Street Outlaws" I was just wondering where ur name Thelostogle came from?

Funny emails from people who think that we're actually part of the show like this...

Love the show since the first episode!! I have my favorites like anyone but all y'all are a great team for the show! And nobody can dislike Farm Truck..Especially where I'm from..Go Big Chief!Thanks for the show..Dooley

And extremely sad, depressing (yet funny) emails from people who think we're part of the show like this...

Hello my name is Nissan (omitted). I am 29 years of age. I was born in Shreveport, LA. I have been watching your show since the beginning. I  really love fast cars, and how you guys race and have fun. True Daddy Dave is my favorite, but all of you are awesome racers. I want to thank you all for the show, because it teaches you more than just racing. Now to get straight to the point,  I have a 1997 Lincoln Town car it runs great, but my A frame is broken. I don't want to get rid of my car, but I don't know much about cars and how to fix them.  I am amazed at how when one of your cars are wrecked and you all fix them back to its original state. I work at Applebee's so you know that I don't make much lol. My car is the only transportation that I have, it's the only way that I can pick up my kids, that I love so much,  but not having my car has made it difficult to even go and see them. Since I'm not far from my job I can walk there, but my kids stay in a different city. I have had some people to come out and look at my car, but all of them are telling me to get rid of it and buy a new one. I love my car, and as car lovers I feel that you all would understand, better than someone who just fix cars to make a living. I'm going out on a limb asking you all for help, because I am usually the one helping out. I was just wondering if there is any way I could pay installments for Daddy Dave and the Oklahoma team to fix my car. Yes I can find some one in my city to do it but I would love for you guys to lay a hand on my car because I know that it will be fixed properly. Like I said before they all have told me to trash it. Please, help me and my family fly down the road like the team, wait not that fast lol kids on board. Thanks for your time and your blessings hope to hear from you soon.

See what I mean? That may be the most depressing email I've ever read that made laugh uncontrollably. It almost makes me want to drive down to the Shreveport Applebee's, order some riblets, a Brewtus of beer, and then give Nissan a long hug... and an A frame. Let's start the Go Fund Me.

Anyway, I guess if you know Daddy Dave or any of the Street Outlaws guys you should send them an email and tell them to help get Nissan an A-frame. While you're at it, will you tell them to mention on an episode that The Lost Ogle is not affiliated in any way with their show? We're real street racers. We don't wear lady helmets.

Well, actually Spencer does, but that's only because he suffers from anxiety. Long story.

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