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Slice magazine needs a new copy editor…

Out of all the fancy, glossy, advertorial-style magazines in Oklahoma, I'd say my favorite one is Slice. This is for several reasons, but primarily because I like to flip through the "Mingling" section and play a game of "Guess Who Had Plastic Surgery." It's pretty fun. It's kind of like finding hidden objects in that picture puzzle from Highlights for Children, only you don't have to go the dentist's office.

If that sounds dumb, give it a shot. How many examples of plastic surgery can you find in this section from the OKCMOA Renaissance Ball?


First of all, kudos to the fisherman who removed the hook from Tom Love's mouth. That was nice.

I only spotted three examples of plastic surgery on that spread. That's actually kind of low. The game really gets fun when they profile a Junior League event. You'll spot forms of plastic surgery that you never even knew existed.

Plastic surgery hell isn't the only reason I like Slice. I also enjoy the magazine's award-winning, poignant profiles on extremely important, intelligent, and handsome Oklahomans you should know about and probably worship. Also, the magazine is good for an unintentional laugh. For example, take this "Christmas By The Numbers" spread...

slice christmas

I don't know if you spotted it or not, but according to Slice, there are approximately 947,000,000 girls and boys under the age of 18 in Oklahoma. Our teenage pregnancy rate is officially out of control.

Actually, I'm not good at Craig Humphreys' new math, but I think that's a typo, which means I have to issue the TLO Typo Disclaimer and acknowledge that it's extremely hypocritical for me to make fun at other media organizations typos. The next time we print a big, bold, red mistake like that in a magazine that's sent to thousands of homes and businesses across the metro, we promise to get a laugh out of it and not take it seriously after we fire the copy editor.

Anyway, I found this "tip" on Reddit. Even though that's about as cool as finding a date on eHarmony, I'll go ahead and do the old hat tip. If you spot any funny typos in Slice or this site, let us know by clicking here.

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