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Hot Dude Monday: Paco Balderrama

Paco Balderrama 3

Hands up and spread ‘em!

The hunkiest Hispanic law enforcement officer this side of Erik Estrada is back on the beat and ready to dispense justice with his rigid nightstick of Latin charisma. That’s right: Oklahoma City Police Captain Paco Balderrama is back in the Public Information Office, protecting and serving Metro citizens by delivering credible news reports to the media with a wicked gleam in his eye that just begs for a thorough cavity search. Aye, suavecito!

With his glistening biceps and triceps that threaten to break free of those tight grey polyester sleeves, like a cross between a mighty Aztec Warrior and an angry Bruce Banner, Balderrama has been welcomed back to Oklahoma City news screens throughout this past month with open arms; whether it be identifying suspects in a feisty weekend shootout or (I imagine) chopping wood shirtless in his rural cabin in the Arbuckles, he’s reinvigorated and reignited the public’s imagination as to what cologne his neck must smell like or what it’s like to be his best friend.

Surprisingly, Balderrama has managed to keep his personal life under wraps—and believe me, we’ve searched—with the last known public information on his romantic history being listed as a single, and, subsequently, auctioned off in a 2009 charity auction. Surely, he’s found someone to settle down and share that spicy chorizo with by now…but if not, I’m sure there’s plenty of grateful OKCityans willing to pony up for a chance to put the “P” in “PIO.”

But until then, here’s a mucho macho retrospective of Paco Balderrama in total acción –it’s your TLO Hot Caliente Dude Monday.

Paco Balderrama
Paco Balderrama 2

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