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James Lankford (or his clone) goes to Sport Clips…

James Lankford

James Lankford isn't even a U.S. Senator yet and he's already embarrassing his home state.

In what has to be the worst accidental product endorsement for a business of all time, we've learned through the Ogle Mole Network that Oklahoma's next Senator, James Lankford, apparently gets his hair cut at Sport Clips. Yes, good old Sport Clips. The place where guys who suck at life win.

Here's some photo evidence of his visit:

james lankford haricut
james lankford haircuts

Okay, so that's kind of blurry, and it was sent to me by a Mole of a Mole, but they swear it was James Lankford. Based on the photos, I'm about 95% sure it is. I would call his campaign headquarters and confirm, but the last thing I need is the Tecumseh Times to write another pointed editorial about my legitimate journalism skills.

Actually, wouldn't it be nuts if it wasn't Lankford? That would mean there is a man driving around town who not only looks like James Lankford, but also gets his hair cut at Sport Clips. If you know that man, get him a joint, Prozac and intense therapy immediately. He'll need it.

In all honesty, there's nothing wrong with getting your haircut at Sport Clips... just like there's nothing wrong with getting seafood at Walmart or a suit from Burlington. Just make sure nobody snaps a photo of you when you do.

In fact, Sport Clips actually appears to be a good a thing for Lankford. Take a look at the evolution of his haircut from 2010 to 2014:

james lankford
james lankford 1

See, that's a big improvement. He went from the bowl cut to the side part and comb. It's amazing how much better your hair looks when you let someone other than your mom cut it. I would show his before and after neck shave, but that would be taking things too far.

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