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Bill Hader grew up in Tulsa like an idiot in some book…

1:49 PM EDT on October 15, 2014


I don't know a lot about Bill Hader. That's probably a good thing. I know he's from Tulsa, was a cast member on SNL and has played the role of "Dumb Cop" in several movies, but that's about it.

Anyway, Bill hosted SNL last week and gave a little dig to his hometown in the opening part of his monologue. Check it out:

In all honesty, that's not so bad. It's not like he performed a sketch where his employer transferred him to the Tulsa office.

Tulsa native, TLO turncoat and John Fulbright fan boy Matt Carney covered the item for He seemed kind of proud of the "self-deprecating" mention of Oklahoma's second city:

Tulsa native and former Saturday Night Live cast member Bill Hader returned to the show this weekend to host and his opening monologue included a self-deprecating mention of his hometown.

“I was never even supposed to be on Saturday Night Live. I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma like an idiot in some book!” Hader said.

Bonus bit of Oklahoma trivia: Hader also said in his opening monologue that Megan Mullally, who grew up in Oklahoma City, saw him doing standup comedy and told SNLexecutive producer Lorne Michaels about him, which helped get him on the show in the first place. Gotta love Oklahomans helping Oklahomans.

Here's another bonus bit of Oklahoma trivia: Megan Mullally will never say she grew up in "Oklahoma City like an idiot in a book." That's because Oklahoma City is a lot cooler than Tulsa. Well, as long as you don't count QuikTrip, museums and hills.

I actually like how Matt just kind of rolled with the punch and ignored Hader's slam. You can't get mad at Hader for being honest. Let's hope Matt is able to do the same thing when St. Vincent releases her new album "Tulsa Sucks Balls."

The Tulsa World covered Hader's dig a bit differently. They decided to point out it really doesn't matter what he thinks about Tulsa, because newsflash, nobody watches SNL anymore:

Tulsa's own Bill Hader returned to Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and gave a shoutout to his hometown in the opening monologue:

"I was never even supposed to be on Saturday Night Live," Hader said. "I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma like an idiot in some book."

Despite Hader's return, reports that SNL's ratings slump continued this fall. SNL averaged a 3.8 rating in metered-market households and a 1.8 in adults 18-49 in the Local People Meters.

That's a great point. The only thing dropping faster than SNL's ratings are newspaper subscriptions. It's a relic from a different age.

If you want to be bored, I guess you can watch the entire SNL episode on Hulu. He did play his "famous" Stefon character on Weekend Update. If you're one of those weird people who think Stefon is funny, you'll probably enjoy that.

Also, I checked This Land Press and surprisingly they didn't have any mention of Hader's dig. I guess the paper's editors were too busy reading the New Yorker or writing another article about Oral Roberts.

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