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Mary Fallin doesn’t know how to read!

10:02 AM EDT on September 4, 2014

fallin open toe shoes governors association 2

I guess we know why Mary Fallin wants to flunk all those third graders who can't pass reading tests. She must know what it's like to live in a world with confusing letters and symbols that make no sense.

Earlier this week, the following pic of Mary at a campaign event in McAlester made the rounds on Facebook. I think it proves something we've all suspected: Mary Fallin doesn't know how to read.

Check it out:

mary fallin legalize gay

Yep, that's the anti-gay Governor of Oklahoma posing for a pic with a dude wearing a "Legalize Gay Marriage" shirt. That would be like me taking a pic with someone at TLO Trivia Night sporting a "Legalize Jenni Carlson" t-shirt, which in all honesty, would be pretty damn funny.

Actually, we're not even 100% sure the shirt says "Legalize Gay Marriage." Whoever snapped the photo unfortunately cut off the bottom of the guy's shirt. I bet he or she was flustered and blinded by all the turquoise on Mary's gigantic stone mom necklace.

Because of that, I guess the shirt could have something else printed on it. Maybe it was "Legalize Gay Men's Rooms." As a draconian Republican and former congresswoman, I'm sure that's something Mary would enthusiastically support. It could also have read "Legalize Gay Marsupials." That would make sense, because let's be honest, marsupials are essentially the gays of the animal kingdom. Thanks to those little pouches, they're always having to fight for equality with other mammals.

Of course, there's also a chance that Mary was able to read the shirt, but simply thought it referenced "Sunday's Child" gay and not "Neil Patrick Harris" gay. In fact, Mary probably thinks the homosexual gay is spelled with an "h." She needs to consult with Sally Kern and get her gays straight.

Anyway, in response to the photo, Joe Dorman's campaign released this old gem:

9 JB Dorman Bricktown Brewery

I guess that means he also supports gay marriage... or at least dreams about threesomes. I don't know.

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