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Mike Gundy is awesome…

12:00 PM EDT on September 2, 2014

traber pizza

It looks like we're not the only ones who can't stand egotistical, loudmouthed, pizza face stuffing hypocrites. Apparently, Mike Gundy doesn't like them either.

If you listen to the Sports Animal often, and let's hope you don't, you may notice that between games of 1970s Play That Tune, Jimmy's Egg On Your Face, and commercial after commercial after commercial after commercial after commercial, Regular Jim Traber likes to whine that he now has to dial *67 before calling his favorite college football coach Mike Gundy. This is because Gundy has wised up and is now ignoring the yardbird in chief.


Jim Traber ‘shocked’ that OSU coach Mike Gundy has shut him out

Although some of Jim Traber’s colleagues at The Sports Animal radio network are proclaiming that OSU football coach Mike Gundy has been banned from Traber’safternoon show, Traber has denied that. Instead, the former OSU quarterback said he has shocked that Gundy has stopped returning his emails and phone calls.

“I have a 20-year relationship with this guy. He has literally stopped returning any text messages or phone calls,” Traber said Friday morning. “I have found out from good sources that he has told his family don’t talk to me either. And I have no idea why it is, and he won’t tell me.

“What I said basically is, if he doesn’t want to come on my show, my show will continue to survive. I just think it is shocking that a guy who has had a relationship with me for 20 years has just decided that he’s not going to talk and not tell me why. If I said or did something wrong, he could very easily say it. It’s not a question if he’s banned from my show. I’m sure he doesn’t even care. I know he cares enough to tell his family members not to talk to me. Something is going on.”

Traber said he has a good relationship with his alma mater and noted that CowboyXpress magazine recently published an article on him.

“I have good ties. I have a lot of connections. There are a bunch of people at OSU who agree with me. There are OSU fans who think I’m too honest and don’t want to hear it. I think there are a bunch of people up there that realize I’m just doing my job and telling the truth.

“I know there are a bunch of people up there that aren’t happy with Mike Gundy as well. He’s a big-time football coach, no doubt about it. That guy has done a good job. He’s burnt a lot of bridges. I don’t know what’s going on.”

Traber, who signed a multiyear contract with the Sports Animal last October, said he was “very, very happy” working with the network.

As a Sooner fan, I've always kind of liked Mike Gundy. Sure, he comes across as a prick, is kind of goofball and still uses too much mousse in his hair, but it's hard not to admire the guy. For one, he also can't stand Jenni Carlson sports columns. That's a plus. And two, unless he's up against OU, Gundy really knows how to coach and win ballgames. I can totally see how players would want to play for him. I'm going to miss him when he leave for Florida in the off-season. Hopefully whoever hired Travis Ford gets a big say in Gundy's replacement.

Anyway, Gundy now boycotting Regular Jim Traber is just icing on the cake, or better yet, cheesecloth over the turkey. Maybe his hatred of the Ultimate runs really deep and we can get him to convince Cal Ripken Jr., Bo Van Pelt and Thom Brennaman to ignore Traber, too. Better yet, what if we get Gundy to call Traber's show, ask how to break in a baseball mitt, and then say he'll take an answer off the air. I admit it would be kind of awkward to listen to a man choke on a slice of Mazzio's pizza on live radio, but we'd all get a laugh out of it just like we do when Gundy chokes against OU. Boomer.

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