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Welcome to allegedly the best website in Oklahoma City…


The Oklahoma Gazette announced their 2014 "Best Of OKC" winners. We were named the Best Website for the second or third year in a row, and in the process, beat our old nemesis The Pioneer Woman. This is only the second time it's happened. Ree didn't seem to care. She laughed all the way to her parents' bank, then her husband's bank, and then the bank she uses to deposit all the money she makes from her blog, television show, cooking books, merchandise and who knows what else.

Here's the write-up in The Gazette. They used the opportunity to compliment me on my marvelous white hair:

ok gazette best of okc

I wonder who wrote that? At first I thought it was David Rhea, but he's too busy talking to 20-year-old girls about his Creed cover band from the 1990s to be bothered with such things. It could have also been Jennifer Chancellor, but I heard she spends most of her time working on a series of essays titled "I left Tulsa for this?" It was probably just a freelancer. At the Gazette's rate of a dime per word, that means someone made $26.30.

Although it's cool to be recognized, The Gazette does their best to keep everyone in line by having winners like this:

gazette 1

and this...

gazette 2

And this...

gazette 3

And this...

gazette 4

Damn you Pioneer Woman. You're not even from Oklahoma City, either.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who voted for us. We appreciate it. I would complain that you voted for Kevin Durant over us for Best Person to Follow On Social Media, but A) The Lost Ogle is a website and not a person and B) screw it, he's the real MVP.

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