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Abigail Ogle took on the Facebook Trolls…

We have repeatedly told you she's going to rule this town some day.

Yesterday, KOCO Channel 5 celebrated their harmonious inclusion into the Ogle family by posting this kind note about Abigail on their Facebook page:

abigail ogle

Wow, Abigail Ogle hasn't aged at all over the last... almost year! It's like she joined KOCO...less than year ago. What did we all do before she burst on the sports scene like a Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball in 2013?

Okay, that's kind of silly. Who, other than Abigail Ogle and Carson Cunningham, really cares that Abigail Ogle has been at Channel 5 almost a year? Do they do this for every KOCO reporter who's been there almost a year? No. Does every KOCO reporter serve as Marvel's inspiration for the new lady Thor? Well, nevermind.

Anyway, the pic of Abigail got the attention of the Facebook Trolls. In a post that tagged Abigail Ogle, they left mean comment after mean comment criticizing her makeup.

Here are a few examples:

troll 1

troll 2-

troll 3
troll 4

Wow, that's rude! Sure, Abby's friends may want to organize a "Blushervention" sometime soon, but if you're going to mock and ridicule a nice young lady's appearance, at least have the decency to do it on your own blog. Don't do it on the girl's Facebook Wall where she'll see it and then cry. Also, try make your comments funny. There's a big difference between being a dick and being a funny dick.

When something like this happens, usually the "celebrities" involved pull a Jesus, turn the other cheek and try to ignore it, but not the attention loving, viking warrior princess Abby. She grabbed her hammer and fought back against the trolls, but instead of going down their dark lonely path, she countered with a cheery blend of aloof optimism and annoying positivity that you can only find in the bones of an Ogle warrior.

Check it out. It's very amusing.

abigail ogle 1

See what I mean? The lady criticizes Abigail for her makeup, and then Abigail responds with a dainty reply complimenting that lady's scary baby. Whether Abigail was being sarcastic or is simply oblivious, that's kind of cool. I like knowing she's a good sport.

Here's another:

abigail ogle fb 3

Come on, are you really thanking her for the feedback? Getting makeup advice from that lady would be like getting dieting tips from a guy at Golden Corral.

abigail ogle 7

Okay, now Abigail's getting on my nerves. I think she's really interpreting these comments as compliments. Instead of responding "Thank You!," she should have said "And you are way too pretty for your husband."

abigail ogle 5

She was kind of comparing you to Miss America, but let's be honest, she wasn't comparing you to Miss America. A better reply would have been, "You've obviously seen a bunch of Miss America's in your lifetime. Thanks for comparing me to Miss America."

Also, Jane Jayroe was Miss America and Lauren Nelson was Miss America, and both of them made fine anchorwomen. I'd be totally content if the local news simply consisted of putting Miss America on a stage. Hell, they could even throw a bone to Miss USA and fake Miss Oklahoma.


abigail ogle 6

Uhm, that's not true. Star Trek hurts everyone, especially those people who watch Star Trek.


abigail ogle 9

Okay, now Abigail's taking things too far. Are we really supposed to believe that KOCO cares about real issues? Get real.

Also, that lady's a nut. The homicide rate in the US is about as low as it's ever been. Drugs becoming legal is cool. And where do I get a sonar weapon, and will it protect me from the chemtrails left by government airplanes?

Of course, not every Facebook comment was mean and negative. Many people came to Abby's defense.

kevin ogle fb
abigail ogle 2
abigail ogle 4

I think what's really strange about all that is that Abigail treats her haters the same as her fans. At least she's consistent. She also left this comment for everyone.

abigail ogle 8

Anyway, I took these screenshot late last night, so there's a good chance the comment may be gone, updated or Abigail Ogle has flooded the page with fake Facebook users to make her look better. Who knows. Check them out here.

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