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Some moonlady attacked her husband with a sword…

Jalyna Runyon

The druid wannabe pictured above is Jalyna Runyan.

She attacked her husband with a sword for either cheating at cards or making fun of her for paying homage to mother earth to celebrate the first day of summer...on July 6th.

It should probably be noted that she was intoxicated.

Via The Tulsa World:

A woman referenced cycles of the moon, mother earth and large amounts of alcohol when she was interviewed by authorities this week to determine what happened when she allegedly attacked her husband with a sword at a home in Vera.

The Washington County District Attorney’s Office on Monday charged Jalyna Jill Runyon with felony assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Deputies were called to the home about 4:13 a.m. Sunday with a report of domestic abuse. A witness told them a card game was ongoing in the living room of the home when Runyon got upset, accused her husband of lying, flipped over the coffee table, then retrieved a sword and began striking the love seat next to where her husband was sitting, a court affidavit stated.

Runyon attacked her husband with the sword until the witness was able to intervene and retrieve and lock in another room the sword along with a double blade knife Runyon was holding, the affidavit stated.

The victim had scratch marks on his chest, as well as a 7-inch scratch across his abdomen from the sword attack, the affidavit stated.

Runyon told authorities “she had a knife for religious practices she got for protection, but she would not hurt her husband because she loved him.”

Runyon told deputies she was extremely drunk, the affidavit stated. She talked of her husband getting upset with her “for paying homage to mother earth to celebrate the first day of summer” and then mentioned the knife was involved somehow with “the moon phase, which had occurred and would not occur again for another 449 years,” the affidavit stated.

Well, I guess I should add "making fun of pagan religions" to my list of "Things to never say to a drunk wife." It ranks right behind "Telling her she's acting like her mother" and "Asking if she's '100% sure' she'd like one more slice of pizza."

Seriously, I bet the mother earth stuff is what made her snap. And in all honesty, I can't blame the husband for poking a little fun. What's a pagan lady doing celebrating the first day of summer on July 6th? Who cares what moon phase we're in, that's like two weeks after the Summer solstice. By then, most druids already have the Maypole and Stonehenge nativity scene packed up in the attic. It would be like opening Christmas presents on January 10th.

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