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10 things Janet Barresi can do to kill some time…

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As you surely know by now, Janet Barresi was destroyed in Tuesday's primary. As an incumbent, she finished in third (!) with only 21% of the vote.


Joy Hofmeister pulls away from Brian Kelly, Janet Barresi in surprising race for state schools superintendent

The hotly contested race for state superintendent of public instruction between incumbent Janet Barresi and former state School Board member Joy Hofmeister didn’t materialize at the polls Tuesday.

With all 1,956 precincts reporting, Hofmeister pulled away early in the Republican primary and never looked back, capturing 151,012 votes (57.6 percent) to advance to the Nov. 4 general election while Barresi — who spent more than a million of her own money on her campaign — finished third behind longshot Brian Kelly.

Kelly, 50, of Edmond, who kept a low profile during the campaign, received 56,014 votes (21.4 percent) and Barresi, 62, of Oklahoma City, got 55,015 votes (21 percent)

Okay, so Barresi spent something like $1.4-million of her own money on this campaign and only received 55,015 votes? That comes out to about $25 bucks per vote. Go ahead, do it with me:


With Barresi about to be unemployed, and without a campaign to waste money on, I thought it would be fun to list 10 things Barresi can do to kill some time:


1. Replace campaign signs with Game of Thrones spoilers

Perhaps the part where Tyrion ODs on milk of the poppy?


ray and jennifer carter

2. Write guest editorials for The Oklahoman 

She has the connections to make that happen.


myriad gardens green

3. Dye the Myriad Gardens fountain green... again

That had to be her, right? Then again, considering the prankster paid for clean up, maybe it was someone else.


christina fallin indian headdress

4. Wear a Native American Headdress

Barresi does like beautiful things.


pandas drinking

5. Test cosmetics on pandas

I bet all of them flunk the test, too. Damn A-F grading system...



6. Tell children Santa Claus isn't real

It's an annual Barresi holiday tradition.



7. Prison Dentistry

Imagine being an inmate going in for your cleaning and seeing Janet Barresi there with a dental scaler and mirror. That would be enough to call the ACLU and file a complaint.



8. Write a check at Walgreens

While she's at it, return a couple of items, too, and ask for some cash back.


braums girl

9. Get a part-time job at Braum's

She'd fit in well there. I bet she's already been offered a job.



10. Continue to work in education

That would be cruel.

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