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Tuttle Little League Cheer is having a gun raffle…


As the image above proves, it's hard not to be a fan of cheerleaders with guns. Something about it is just cool. Granted, you could show me a pic of Honeybee Talor holding my own severed head and I'd think it's cool too, but you get my point.

I bring this up because an Ogle Mole sent me a screenshot from the Tuttle Tiger Moms Facebook Group. They're having a raffle for the Tuttle Little League Cheer and, well, check out the screenshot:

tuttle little league cheer gun

Know what's sad? That will probably generate a ton of money. Know what's sadder? Buying a raffle ticket from a little league cheerleader to win a Glock 9MM.

Seriously, that's just insane. I own a gun and don't have a problem with other people owning guns, but why would you want to promote something like that to little girls that should be doing cartwheels and backflips? I wonder if they're also going to have a family fun carnival where you can bob for hand grenades, guess the number of bullets in a jar, or throw rings around the barrels of shotguns. Maybe they could even organize a game of pin the tail on the home intruder.

I guess get in touch with a six year old cheerleader or one of their Apache helicopter parents if you're interested in buying tickets. When you do, don't forget to buy some World's Finest Bullets in case you win. They're a pretty good deal. They even have a Burger King coupon on the back of the box.

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