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Lacey Swope felt a big one…

lacey swope big

"Now we're feeling this one." - Stan Miller

"That one I do feel." - Tammy Payne

"That may have been the biggest one that I felt since we've been here." - Stan Miller

"I've never felt one that big!" - Lacey Swope

That's not a preview of my new collection of erotic fan fiction "50 Shades of Red Dirt." Although that would be cool, successful and probably make me rich, it's a real exchange that happened earlier this week on the News 9 Morning Show.

Here's the rest:

"Not that big and not that long long. It was sustained for several seconds." - Tammy Payne

"Wow, I'll bet that one hits high fours." - Stan Miller

"Poor Lacey. Look at how she's going down over there!" - Tammy Payne

"Look at her!... Look at her!" - Stan Miller

"I'm shaking!" - Lacey Swope

"I'm still shaking." - Stan Miller

"I'm still shaking. Can you hear my heart beating right now?" - Lacey Swope

"That was a big one." - Stan Miller

"Oh my goodness." - Lacey Swope

I know what you're thinking. Why's Serge Ibaka hanging out at Channel 9? Did they say all that to his face or were they caught on a hot mic?

Well, it's neither. That's what took place following Monday's earthquake. Check out a clip of the double-entendre marathon session in full context after the jump:

That's pretty funny. I liked it more than Danielle Dozier's clip that made the "front page" of Yahoo. For one, I'm pretty sure Danielle thought she was going to die when the ground started shaking. That's sad, not funny. Two, Danielle was only able to slip in a "That was way bigger than what we felt earlier." The News 9 team essentially wrote the script to a Jesse Jane movie.

All that being said, neither clip comes close to matching the time Steve "Turbo" Shaw asked the OSU student if she could handle 5 - 8 inches. It's probably the greatest use of a double entendre in Oklahoma City media history. Unless OETA's Dick Pryor gets lost in a wet Beaver sometime soon, expect it to stay that way.

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