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R.I.P: CityWalk

city walk closed

All good things must come to end. I guess the same goes for bad things, too.

After 14 years of no cover bachelorette parties, Dave Morrises, blog punchlines and roofies, CityWalk and its seven clubs in one has closed. Its closing gives a final answer to the age-old question: "How is this place still open!?"

Via a Steve Lackmeyer article on

The disco ball is no longer spinning and the dance music has stopped at CityWalk as Bricktown’s largest and oldest nightclub has closed its doors after a 14-year run.

The multi-venue night club, spread out over 30,000 square feet at the Mideke Building, 100 E Main, was and remained the only venue to feature multiple themes under one roof, at times including a country-western club, dueling piano bar, wine bar and a comedy club. When it closed, it included a disco, modern music dance hall, karaoke bar, live band room and martini lounge.

The building is being redeveloped as the new home of Tapstone Energy, a company launched last fall by Tom Ward.

You know what, let's give a big round of applause to Tom Ward. Like most people, I always just assumed CityWalk would close when Bricktown was destroyed by a fracking induced earthquake. Kudos to Tom for accelerating the process. This really helps restore his reputation.

CityWalk owner John Bartholomew hosted a final night for the club on Saturday and is uncertain where, when or if it will reopen in the future.

“It’s been very successful and very good to us,” Bartholomew said. “But the building use is changing. CityWalk did not close for lack of business. Our Saturday night was as busy as the first night it opened. It’s still a popular place.”

John has a point. CityWalk was still popular. Unfortunately, it was kind of like the community college of local dance clubs. It was never really anyone's first choice, and half the people inside had GEDs.

All that being said, this news is kind of sad. It's the end of an era. I think it's the only club that both me and my two little brothers have all waited in line to get into when we were 22. And over the years, while other clubs have come and gone and changed their name, CityWalk was always there to remind us in seven unique ways how awful clubs really are. Seriously, where are we going to look to now for nostalgic memories of bad decisions from our youth? Cowboys? Club Candy?? Russell's??? They got nothing on CityWalk.

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