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Warning: Whataburger serves hot gravy


I guess we found something sadder than getting drunk and eating hot gravy from Whataburger. That would be getting drunk and spilling scolding hot gravy from Whataburger on your leg. I should know. It's happened to me on several occasions.

Apparently, I'm not the only victim of gravy burn. Someone spilled gravy on their leg, but instead of sleeping away the pain and chalking it up to drunk mischief, they contacted Jackie Chiles and sued the fast food restaurant.

From News 9:

An Oklahoma appeals court has ruled a mother is not entitled to recover any damages after her 7-year-old daughter spilled hot gravy on her leg after buying a meal from a Moore fast food restaurant.

Wait a second? 7-year-old? I take back everything I wrote in the intro. The only thing sadder than getting drunk and eating hot gravy from Whataburger would be getting drunk and making your kid eat food from Whataburger. That's just cruel. The parents are the ones who should have been sued.

Here are more details:

The Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals ruled Monday in favor of the defendant, Whataburger, upholding a Cleveland County court's ruling.

The child's mother sued the restaurant after she ordered a meal in May 2009 at the drive-through window that included a Styrofoam bowl of heated gravy that spilled on her daughter's leg, resulting in second-degree burns.

The court determined the gravy was not unreasonably hot and that the family had eaten the same meal many times and should have "known or expected the gravy to burn if spilled."

Thank God for activist judges. If it wasn't for this hero, every restaurant would be forced to serve cold gravy, or as I like to call it, Braum's gravy. Wouldn't that be awful? Why were these people even complaining? If you're going to sue a fast food restaurant, do it when they serve you sweet tea instead of unsweet. The result of that awful sensation can cause a deadly car accident. It's about as bad as eating runny bacon.

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