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Annoying OKC Thunder fans want you to pay for their season tickets…

1:56 PM EST on March 6, 2014

thunder super fans

Here's some good news if you sit in Section 101 at Thunder games. The two Thunder fans pictured above (Thundor and Thunder Princess) can't afford their pricey season tickets for the 2014 - 2015 season. Awesome, huh? Now only those damn McDonald's french fry balloons will distract you from the game.

Or maybe not.

Thundor and Thunder Princess created a Go Fund Me to raise money for their season ticket renewal. Of course, this "news" got the attention of KWTV News 9. If you remember correctly, they'll cover any story that can be tied back to the Thunder:

Two of the Thunder's loudest and most outrageously dressed fans are raising money for season tickets.

Garrett "Thundor" Haviland and Nauzi "Thunder Princess" Jagosh can't be missed at OKC Thunder games. Haviland isr shirtless, paints his belly and wears a cape and mask.

Jagosh sports a blue and orange tutu, tiara and ruby red shoes that remind fans "there's no place like home." The two can be heard yelling at opposing players close to the basket as they shoot free throws.

"As soon as I get that eye contact, I know I'm in their head a little bit," says Thundor.

Both have spend thousands over the years on season tickets and are now looking for some financial help so they can keep attending games.

"It's kind of rough getting the funds together," says Haviland.

Haviland and Jagosh have just set up a "Go Fund Me" site to raise money for next season's tickets. Their goal is $10,000.

"All I'm wanting to do is to keep doing what I love," says Jagosh.

"You'll never know if you don't ask," adds Haviland.

At first I was going to criticize Thundor and Thunder Princess for this eye-rolling plea for free tickets. But then a couple of things occurred to me:

1. If they can't afford the nice seats in Section 1o1, there's a chance they may move closer to the Ogle Seats in Loud City! I'm not sure I could handle that. I'm almost Loud-Citied out. Not only do we have to deal with the nosebleed view, awful concessions, and never getting a t-shirt thrown our way, but we have to actually say we sit in "Loud City."

"Want my seats to the game?"

"Where are they?"

"Not that bad. Section 309 in Loud City..."

"HAHAHAHA. You're in Loud City?! You must be poor!"

Seriously, other than making the aristocrats in the lower-bowl feel better about themselves, what's the point in calling the upper-level Loud City? I think it's demeaning. We're not a bunch of poor wildling common folk. Well, except on Friday nights. It does get scary up there on Friday nights.

2. Maybe Thundor and Thunder Princess are onto something. Even though we have starving children, homeless drug addicts living in the streets, and people dying of all sorts of diseases, if people will give you the money go buy Thunder tickets, you should take it. As of publish button-hitting time, they've raised fucking $410(!!!). That gave me an idea...

Back when I would publish a mailbag (it was more work than you think), I would remind everyone that I've never sat courtside for a Thunder game. It's always been a dream for me. I've been close, but never front row close. To encourage you to help me pursue my own selfish, first-world dreams, I've set up a Go Fund Me to land me and Emily Sutton courtside seats for an upcoming Thunder game. Go donate (to us, not the weirdos above) and help make a blogger's dream come true.

p.s. - I still haven't asked Emily Sutton if she will go with me to the game, but who turns down courtside seats to a Thunder game?

Thanks for reading!

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