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Wayne Coyne is denying he had an affair…

wayne coyne girlfriend

That may be the most real life pic of Wayne Coyne to ever be posted on the Internet. He's not wearing a gray suit with an ax sticking out of his head while trapped in a giant hamster ball. He's not taking a bath in his front yard or constructing a paper mache vagina. It's simply Wayne Coyne, at the beach in Mexico, enjoying a wonderful afternoon with his cute little girlfriend that he left his wife for. And they're not naked. Amazing, huh?

I bring all this up because Wayne's ongoing divorce battle from his long time wife Michelle Martin-Coyne is in the news again. In an article published late last week, The State's Most Trusted News claimed that Wayne is trying to keep adultery accusations out of the divorce.


Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne is asking a judge to keep adultery accusations against him out of his divorce.

His wife, Michelle Martin-Coyne, 45, petitioned for divorce in September on the legal ground of incompatibility.H

In an amended petition in October, she stated she is entitled to a divorce “on the additional grounds of adultery.”

In an answer filed Feb. 18, the rock singer, 53, denied the allegation...

Oh, give us a break. Get off your psychedelic mushroom-glazed high horse. As we first noted in August of 2012, it was Wayne's affair and insistence on living a very public rock star lifestyle that led to the Coynes' split. And as the pic above shows, he's still involved with the same girl. Denying the adultery allegations is ridiculous. It would be like me claiming not to be an asshole.

Of course, Wayne's attorney says the adultery accusations don't matter:

His attorney, Chris Deason, wrote, “Oklahoma is a no-fault state. There are no children at issue in the instant case. Allowing petitioner to delve into issues of adultery will garner her no additional relief and will constitute a waste of this court’s resources. The only purpose served by pleading adultery is to harass or embarrass respondent.”

Ha, is it really possible to embarrass Wayne Coyne? At last check, he's the same guy who shut down the Oklahoma City airport with a grenade. He's been kicked off Instagram for posting too much nudity... twiceHe photographed Erykah Badu naked in a bathtub filled with fake semen and glitter and tweeted a pic of it. Hell, the guy has balls so big he walks around in them for fun.

If you ask me, the only thing that seems to embarrass The Flaming Lips frontman is being caught doing something the Average Joe would do, like shopping at Wal-Mart or cheating on his wife. It would make sense. Outside of the pic above, there are hardly any photos of Wayne with his attractive 20-something-year-old ladyfriend. When you consider a) the couple's been together for at least 18 months and B) the amount of photos that Wayne posts to the Internet, isn't that kind of weird?It's like he's trying to keep the thing a secret.

Here's the only other pic we have of them together. It may look familiar:

christina fallin birthday party

Couple of notes:

1. That's a shot of Wayne Coyne and Christina Fallin's new indie rock band "The Posers."

2. Wayne's girlfriend is the chick farthest to the right. She's kneeling in front of the guy who's having an orgasm.

Lost in the adultery stuff (and the Oklahoman's article) is this interesting tidbit from the divorce files. In an earlier petition, Michelle claimed she is entitled to half of the intellectual property the couple accumulated during their marriage. By intellectual property, I assume she's referring to songwriting credits, artwork, merchandising, etc. That could be a big deal.

Wayne's attorney responded with a very legal and professional response:

Respondent admits…to the acquisition of real and personal property during the marriage. However, respondent does not have adequate information at the time that would allow him to admit or deny the allegation regarding intellectual property. Thus, the allegation is denied.

Urban Street Translation: Bitch better stay away from my IP!

Obviously I'm not an attorney – I just claim to be one on my OKcupid profile – so I have no clue if Michelle is entitled to any of Wayne's intellectual property or not. I hope she does because then it would be a lot cheaper to get Flaming Lips music for TV commercials. I assume that will boost the local economy. If so, I call dibs on Shine On Sweet Jesus... or What is the Light... or one of the CDs from Zaireeka for our very first TLO TV spot. Hell, just give me any of tracks from my dated list of 10 Best Flaming Lips songs. I'm not picky.

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