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Here’s some video footage from deep within Derplahoma…

derplahoma town hall

Earlier this week, video footage was released on YouTube from a town hall for Congressman Jim Bridenstine. With all apologies to Jim Inhofe, he may be the nuttiest member of our congressional delegation. That's saying something. It's like being named the sluttiest girl at Twin Peaks or slowest employee at Braum's. It's insulting, but considering the field, also an accomplishment.

Bridenstine's Town Hall took place deep within the borders of Derplahoma. As you know, Derplahoma is that scary, paranoid, dark place where President Obama is both a fascist and communist, tyrant and coward, and atheist and Muslim. According to their constitution, the bible is the ultimate law of the land, being gay is a choice, and all citizens must own a gun and/or squadron of bald eagles.

Overall, the Town Hall was reminiscent of a Tea Party rally from 2009. During a Q&A session, some crazy old lady called for Obama to be executed for shipping Muslims into the country, another called him an S.O.B, and Congressman Bridenstein seemed to be loving all of it.

Check out the clip:

Wow, that's pretty cool! Based on our previous Derplahoman posts, we know these people exist, but it's fascinating to see video footage of them in the flesh. I'd compare it to those times some hunter scores video of a mountain lion. We know they're hiding somewhere in the shadows, but seeing actual video proof is chilling and kind of fun.

My favorite part of the clip isn't the crazy lady who wants to execute the president for flying muslim pilots into the country, or the grandma with the Fall Out Boy hat who wants Obama impeached. It's actually the guy who pops up over Bridenstine's shoulder at around the 1:55-mark. The man who's probably a Baptist preacher touches his face about 5,000 times in a 20-second span. One time, he even went for the nose:

bridenstine town hall

Yeah, I honestly don't know what's going on there. He's probably either smelling his finger or really needing to pick his nose. Depending on what's on that finger, most Derplahomans would consider that a felony offense.

Anyway, the local and national media has picked up the story and given a ton of attention to the two old women. That kind of makes me think they were planted by Bridenstine's camp, because they totally overshadow some of the crazy things that came out of the Congressman's mouth. Seriously, who cares what nutty old women who live in trailers and can their own apricot jelly say and think. We should probably be more concerned with an elected official who spreads misleading info like legalizing marijuana increases organized crime or Obama and the U.N. wants to take away guns that look scary. That's the real nut job for you.

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