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Kendrick Perkins called out Darnell Mayberry on Twitter…

It sure was a strange night on Twitter for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

About an hour after Kevin Durant's phone was hacked and a photo tweeted of him not smoking marijuana in The Mile High City, the Thunder's lumbering and $7-million big man Kendrick Perkins sent a pointed tweet to The Oklahoman's Thunder beat writer Darnell Mayberry.

Here's a screenshot of the now deleted tweet via our man Zorgon at WTLC:

kendrick perkins darnell mayberry

Here are some random thoughts...

1. Kendrick Perkins is a fake Internet tough guy. Don't brag about intimidating someone with a "Yea, I said it" and then turn around and delete the tweet a few minutes later. It makes you look like a coward. It's the equivalent of trying to start a fight on the basketball court and then hiding behind your teammates or officials. Either pull a Mike Morgan and have the balls to stand by what you said, or claim your Twitter account was hacked like most other athletes.

P.S. - Hopefully Kendrick doesn't send his wife over to my house to beat me up for writing all that.

2. It's absurd for any player on The Thunder to complain about the coverage they receive in the local media. Oklahoma City is by far the friendliest media market in the NBA. The local print and TV media treats the players like they are Greek gods, and I'm pretty sure most of the articles and columns have to be approved by the Thunder's Ministry of Propaganda. I read most of Darnell Mayberry's columns and game notes, and they are more than fair. Hell, sometimes you'd even think he's employed by the team. He hates the Thunder as much as Regular Jim Traber hates turkey soup.

• Maybe this will give Presti an excuse to amnesty Perkins. Hahahahahahaha, just kidding. That will never happen. Perkins is the heart of the team, a great post defender, excellent at a setting screens and any other cliché that you would use to describe the worst player on a basketball team.

• At least he didn't spam Twitter timelines with a Sugar Bowl Rewind. Did you see this atrocity? In a sad illustration of just how far OU football has fallen, the OU football Twitter account lost all dignity and decided to "live tweet" the Sugar Bowl as if it were happening last night. You could see Bama doing the same thing had they won, right?

Here are some examples:

Was the Sugar Bowl a big win? Yes. Is OU a tradition rich program with a plenty of big wins? Yes. Then go ahead and act like you've been there before. Although Alabama is Alabama and was a huge favorite, OU is still OU. They should expect to play in big games and win big games. Gloating and bragging about this win like you just had a threesome with Kate Upton and 1991 Kathy Ireland is pathetic and sad.


Anyway, that's it for my "totally blow up any chance I had to get media credentials to a Thunder or OU Football game" blog post. Have a nice weekend. Don't tweet anything stupid and then delete it.

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