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Just like us, Janet Barresi needs to hire a copy editor…

8:30 AM EDT on September 19, 2013

janet baressi

As a childless 35-year-old heterosexual male with no known children, I don't pay much attention to what's going on with our state's schools and education policies. It's not that I hate kids and their future or anything like that. It's just that I have more important priorities like freedom, sleeping and doing whatever I want when I want.

Saying that, one thing I do know is that nobody seems to like Oklahoma State Superintendent Janet Barresi. She's about as popular as Thayer Evans is at Eskimo Joes. I don't think there's one educator in our state that can stand her. They hate her attitude, fringe conservative ideology and general ineptness.

The ineptness part was literally on full display Tuesday night at the 2014 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year awards. Check out the amazing writing used in the program for the ceremony:

janet barresi typo 3

Did Yoda get stoned and write this program or something? Does the Finalist own the remark? I think they copied the text from a Spanish "Teacher of the Year" ceremony and ran it through Google translator. Hopefully red marks were made with a pen on the program by 2014 English teacher of the year finalist's.


janet barresi typo

Although it sounds like something a 5-year-old would say, I guess the "Presentation to the 2014 Oklahoma Teacher of Year's School District" is technically correct. However, why's Brad Rickelman listed twice? Does he serve as both a teacher and a school district? That's probably another mistake, but at least the Masonic Charity Foundation got some good publicity. I wonder if they got some good seats for being so generous.


janet baressi typo2

Hey, at least they didn't use Comic Sans.


Anyway, that's all some fun stuff. Two quick thoughts:

1. We bring this up all the time, but yes, it's hypocritical for us to criticize other people for using poor grammar and making typographical mistakes. Then again, we don't oversee our state's public education system. We're bloggers with substance abuse issues. Also, I'm not sure the first two mistakes are typos. Someone probably should call 1-800-ABCDEFG.

2. Girl with the biggest tits at least they didn't talk about.

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