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Dan Threlkeld has no clue why he was escorted out of KJRH…


Since it seems like local TV weather coverage is the only thing we're writing about this week, let's go ahead and take a look what's happening up in Tulsa.

Remember Dan Threlkeld? He was Mike Morgan's back-up at KFOR in the late 1990's and early 2000s. He and Mike never got along, so Dan moved up Tulsa to be the Chief Meteorologist at KJRH. He served in that role for 11-years until he was escorted out of the offices this past Wednesday. He then decided to get on Facebook and complain about it.

The Tulsa World has the scandalous details:

KJRH chief meteorologist Dan Threlkeld, who has been at the station for nearly 11 years, was escorted from the station Wednesday, according to his Facebook post Wednesday.

"Turns out I will get no 'goodbye' on television. Management escorted me to the door this afternoon and said I was done there. I'm not making this up. So this is it. You are looking at the tie (he posted a photo of the tie) that would have been my last one tossed on Friday night," he said in his post.

That's weird. Why was he escorted out of the building?

KJRH, channel 2, news director Susan D'Astoli disagreed with the way Threlkeld described his departure.

"Dan was not fired," she said in a phone interview, adding "This is what I can tell you: Obviously we cannot comment on personnel issues. We really do wish Dan the very best in his new endeavors."

Threlkeld announced on Facebook at 1 a.m. Wednesday that he would be leaving the station on Friday. But he did not expect to leave before then, he said in a phone interview about what happened.

Ohhhh, so he left one of those 1am Facebook posts. From experience, I can tell you those never end well. Facebook should probably make a rule that prohibits any status updates after 1:00am, or at least make people pass a breathalyzer before a post is approved.

Anyway, an Ogle Mole sent me Threlkeld's 1:00am Facebook post that led to him being escorted out of the KJRH offices, thus denying him a chance to "remove his tie one final time." I guess that was his Friday night schtick. He would remove his tie on air or something. Gary England he is not.

Here are the Facebook posts:

dan threlkeld facebook 1
dan threlkeld facebook 2
dan threlkeld facebook 3

I have no clue why the escorted him out of the building. All he did was bad mouth station management and overly promote his new tornado shelter business. Here's the Facebook post he left the following day after he was escorted out. The first paragraph is kind of funny:


Yeah, he has no clue why they escorted him out of the building. He's "not making it up." Lets hope he's better at selling tornado shelters than he is twisting the truth on Facebook and / or picking ties. This was the final tie he was going to toss:

dan threlkeld tie

My grandpa thinks that's an awesome tie. Who knew that Kohl's had such stylish fashion. He should have went with Kelly Ogle's LSD tie:

amanda taylor

Anyway, good luck selling tornado shelters Mr. Threlkeld. I have a feeling we'll see you giving weather on an OKC or Tulsa Fox affiliate in a couple of years or so.

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