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2013 Worst of OKC: Worst Public Enemy of the OKC Thunder Cult

8:30 AM EDT on August 23, 2013

The Thunder have played five seasons in Oklahoma. During that time, they've developed a fiercely loyal, energetic, rabid fan base that feels a little bit like a cult. It's not a bad cult or anything. You don't have to drink Kool-Aid or wear funny robes, but it's still a cult. Play along and respect it and everything is fine. Cross it and, well, just ask these people what it's like. They're some of the more notable public enemies of the Oklahoma City Thunder Cult.


Jonathan Louis May

Brawny the Angry Memphis Blogger

The above bearded pile of awesome is Jonathan May. He and his band of Memphis Super Pals drove seven hours to get to OKC from Memphis for a Thunder game. Then he wrote a blog post about the experience. In it, he complained about Oklahoma City, the Sunday morning game environment, and called out the Thunder fans for not being educated about basketball. Then he got all bent out of shape on Twitter after learning people got pissed at him. We still need to order him a pizza.


patrick beverly westbrook

Patrick Beverley

I see the image above and my balls start to hurt like I'm on a date with a pretty girl. When Russ was injured on the cheap shot, profanity flew out my mouth hole faster than the demonic smoke monster that came out of that lady on Game of Thrones. I don't know if the "disable Westbrook" move was intentional and I don't care. All I know is my second favorite player was injured and the Thunder's 2013 title run ruined. Also, the third "e" in his last name kind of annoys me.



James Harden

Welcome to the NBA! Simply put, greed beard James Harden left the Thunder for more money, and in the process, destroyed a basketball dynasty that could have been really really special. What an asshole.




Mackelmore is this generation's SNOW. He complained about the Thunder using his song during a game and then he lick you boom boom down. He seemed to be saying that the Thunder were his team as though OKC stole it. Uhm, maybe your town should have ponied up the cash like they were at a thrift shop. Like it or not, it's our team now. Not wanting to pay for a new arena isn't anything we did. That's your city's problem. Not ours. So calm down and be glad we're playing your music while it's still relevant.


anna-megan raley cheerleader

Anna-Megan Raley (The Lady Who Called A Thunder Girl "Chunky")

The woman pictured above is Anna-Megan Raley. She's the one who ignited controversy by calling a Thunder Girl "Chunky". A mildly attractive woman saying something catty about a hot woman? Get out!


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