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Some rapper named 2 Chainz was arrested in Oklahoma City…

2:27 PM EDT on August 22, 2013


Watch out Macaulay Culkin. Someone is trying to steal your legacy.

Late last night, the tour bus for a rapper named "2 Chainz" was pulled over by bored law enforcement officials in the I-40 and Meridian area. The apparently famous rapper and Whoopi Goldberg impersonator was in town performing at the Lil Wayne concert.

From TMZ:

Rapper 2 Chainz was on board the tour bus involved in a police standoff in Oklahoma last night ... and he's already been arrested in connection with the incident...

Chainz' tour bus was pulled over in OKC around midnight after police noticed its taillights were out. When they approached the vehicle, cops say they noticed signs of drug use and attempted to board the bus.

But the bus driver locked the police out, insisting they obtain a warrant first.

Police did just that and eventually entered the bus hours later, where they arrested 11 passengers for "interfering with the police process," including 2 Chainz.

It's unclear if they face additional charges, or whether police found drugs.

It's "unclear" if they found any drugs? Uhm, 2 Chainz looks like he can grow marijuana out of his ears. His dreads are made entirely out of THC. Also, if there were not any drugs on board, why'd they lock the bus doors and not let the police inside? I seriously doubt they were in the middle of an epic game of Risk.

Channel 25 has a pic of Mr. Chainz being booked in the Oklahoma County jail.

Here it is:

2 chainz

I have mixed feelings on this. I can't stand police harassment and I'm pretty sure that's what this is. Also, the national attention the story's received makes Oklahoma City look stupid and backwards. Then again, our state and city is stupid and backwards when it comes to drug laws. If we're going to be that way, I guess we should be proud and flaunt it. I'd rather be the chubby kid doing cannonballs off the diving board than the one swimming in the shallow end with his t-shirt on.

Also, it's kind of hard to feel sorry for 2 Chainz because he was touring with Lil Wayne. After the stunt Wayne pulled during the NBA Finals, his friends probably deserve to be hassled by the police. In fact, I wonder if this is just a passive aggressive move by law enforcement officials. Not only is the Lil Wayne a public enemy of the Thunder, but just check out this 2 Chainz video:

Anyway, we'll have more on this story as it develops.

(Probably not. That just seems like a good way to tie everything together.)

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