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2013 Worst of OKC: Worst Sports Media Personality

Most of my friends are die-hard sports fans and I am a sucker for peer pressure, so it's strange that I'm not a sports fan. I like the Thunder, of course, and OU, I guess, but I don't get that worked up if they win or lose. I grew up with baseball so I like the Yankees and the Dodgers. Still though, I've never been one to base how good my day is on how a bunch of jocks did at their job. I mean, good for you, sports fans, but y'know.

Anyway, because I don't care about sports, Patrick is going to write the blurbs that you don't read.

Check out the nominees and win some Johnnie's after the jump:


bob barry jr 322

Bob Barry Jr.
KFOR 4/Sports Animal

Bob Barry Jr. nearly died while test driving a scooter during a radio remote. That says everything you need to know about Bob Barry Jr. The guy can't even drive a scooter...or talk knowledgeably about any sports team that doesn't have the word Oklahoma or Boston in its name.


deanblevins boob

Dean Blevins
KWTV 9/The Sports Animal

Dean Blevins likes to tweet about sports the same way he eats his Smart Ones. With his eyes closed while thinking about breasts.



Jenni Carlson
The Oklahoman

I think we need to create a new word called "Carlsoned." It will be what happens when you see an interesting sports headline on, click on it, notice it's a Jenni Carlson column, and then sigh and immediately click the back button. For example, I get carlsoned a couple times a month and it sucks.


al eschbach sports animal swimsuit

Al Eschbach
Sports Animal

Al Eschbach is an expert on three things. 1. OU Football from the 1970s and 1980s   2. Baseball Trivia   3. The strippers names at Sugers.


jim traber popcorn

Regular Jim Traber
Sports Animal

In all fairness, Regular Jim Traber isn't that bad.

Just kidding, he is.


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