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Let’s take a look at some Street Outlaws hate mail…

11:23 AM EDT on July 18, 2013

About a month ago, I published an extra-sarcastic review of the new OKC-based reality show Street Outlaws. In it, we made fun of the show's obvious staged scenes, scripted drama and boring characters....errrr...I mean real-life street racing, cop dodging, good ole' boys from Oklahoma City.

Since I hit the publish button, we've been hit with a lot of mean comments and emails from fans of the show. This is due to three reasons:

1. The show is popular and getting good ratings. It was the #2 cable program (excluding sports) among Men 25-54, Men 18-49 and Meth Dealers 18-65 on Monday, July 1. The only show that topped it was another racing show called Fast N' Loud. Idiocracy is real, folks.

2. We appear to be the only notable blog or website to have published a review. Seriously, we're the only ones. In fact, if you Google "Street Outlaws" we're a front page result. I guess we're now the AV Club of shitty reality shows. That's as cool as wearing a helmet while street racing.

3. We're getting a lot of visits from people who are unfamiliar with our style of content. I'll admit the review was more pointed and sarcastic than usual, but that's what we do. We go out of our way to be flippant, snarky and irreverent, and it's all generally done in a poor attempt at humor and satire. This was lost on a bunch of the Street Outlaws fans. When they hear "tongue in cheek," they think of their uncle who didn't dip or chew tobacco. Basically, they took everything way too seriously.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the better angry emails and unapproved comments people sent our way. By "better," I mean the ones that are stereotypically reflective of the average Street Outlaws viewer. They're all [sic]. Let's race through them like we're at an undisclosed public road / airport with police supervision:


Yup this author definitely made It clear he knows nothing about cars when he mentioned the drivers wearing “lady helmets.” Go take a ride in an 8 second car and then see if you change your mind about that one. Do you see those little bar things inside the cars aka roll cages, you know, what saves their lives when they roll at over 120mph? Hit your head on those cages once or twice you’d probably wear a lady helmet too.

Stick to your computer stuff ya nerd because you sound like a total douche criticizing racers.


Uhm, was it the "lady helmets" dig that made it clear? I thought it was when I wrote:

I know nothing about cars…or racing…or plumbing…or guns…or lumber…or anything else that requires knowledge of machinery or the ability to perform manual labor. I’ve also never watched one “Fast And The Furious” movie and hate camping. I don’t think I’m in this show’s target demographic.

Regardless, those lady helmets are kind of silly.



Why do I think RON JOHNSON has a pony tail and suffers from frequent bouts of insomnia. He also can't figure out what that little green light on his keyboard means.


Your stupid, this stuff has been going on in OKC for decades just like the show is filming. In the early 80′s we had lists and fast cars, and bets and places we raced, we kept helmets in the trunk and some guys on certain nights would meet on XXX road in Choctaw with cars on trailers, nothing new. And your assessment of Farmtruck is off. Look him up on youtube, he has been racing that truck for years mostly at tracks in Noble and Ark City. He even raced on Pinks All Out. Yes the producers made them suit up, but thie is legit, these cars are NASTY fast. Farmtruck is probably the slowest and it is a solid mid 10 second quarter miler. These guys are running over 140 in the eighth mile, not too shabby. YOU may not like it, thats your choice, but its all true just tweaked for TV, and I don’t even live in OKC anymore so I don’t have a dog in this hunt, Seeya….


For what it's worth, I think Ashlynn Brook, Bebe Jonez and 74% of all teen pregnancies were conceived on XXX road in Choctaw.


What a horribly written article. Never mind the actual point of the article, the grammar, spelling, and lack of research are the highlights. The biggest thing that stuck out to me was the “white guys” comment. Why is their race a factor? It really pushes this piece into the trash where it belongs. You should stop writing and get back to your normal Taco Bell job. I’ll even stop by and order a burrito just to say “Hi”. I just hope you’re better at taking my order than you are at journalism.


What nice constructive criticism! I didn't approve Cody's comment because he was a troll (violation of first time commenter rule), so then he left this one:

Oh the joys of being able to censor feedback on your articles must be sweet. One day you’ll be able to accept that other peoples views towards your writing, whether they are good or bad, are actually a helpful insight into what you do. While I welcome haters and detractors, you silence them because of your own insecurites. Good luck growing as a writer from inside your protective cocoon.


Actually, it is kind of sweet. I'd suggest that Cody build his own blog/protective cocoon in between his trips to Taco Bell to see what it feels like.


I would like to kindly inform the writer of this article that he is wrong bout it being all scripted. If you check out YouTube you will find videos of these guys before Discovery got ahold of them an its the same stuff almost as the show. As for awful well yes its not a plot twisted drama its about cars an car guys. That maybe why you don’t like it. Just saying.

- bigblock502

Yeah, I'm not denying that the people are real and that they race cars. I joked around that the people were bad actors because the fights, conversations, voiceover monologues, etc. are on par with things like this. It just feels so real:

P.s. - That's a former Ms. Guthrie doing a promo spot for a Norman massage parlor that was owned by this guy.


SERIOUSLY??? I love you putting the show down all the way! It’s trash and it stands very small chance of making it big time. BUT, the guys you are talking about, are actually REAL pro street racers, they earned a lot of respect in last few decades. The list is, sadly, very real. It’s been there for last decade or longer. they changed the names for the show, like Daddy Dave’s name on the ACTUAL list is Cracker, etc. The Farm Truck guys are not actors. Think about it, how much originality and character does it take to turn a bizzare platform such as 8000 pound truck in to a sub 10 second monster (don’t forget that Ferrari and other supercars run high 11-12 seconds quarter miles)? Then, the Chuck guy you blasted, well Chuck is not his fake name, his real name is Chuck Seitsinger, he is a very rich guy, a World Record holder for the fastest Honda on stock transmission (yes I said a Honda, he changed fields) and he owns infamous million dollar Alternative Motorsports race shop off of the Reno avenue. I’m only telling you this because I felt that doing just a LITTLE journalistic research prior to shitting on the people in your “story” would make you more appealing and credible as a blogger, or … whatever the role you play in the perfect white people world of yours.

The Asshole

And today we learned that Daddy Dave's real nickname is Cracker. We sure do live in a perfect and great "white people world," don't we?


The author is obviously ignorant as to what he’s talking about. Just because you didn’t know about the street racing that goes on in OKC, it’s automatically fake? I’m guessing you’re nose is so high in the air, that there are a lot of things you are unaware of. Did you know there’s a huge underground gay community as well? Did you know there are many unlit, unmarked swinger community clubs in OKC, including Bricktown?

Any person with a speck of common sense (which obviously isn’t the author), understands that the races for this show had to be filmed legally, BECAUSE IT’S ON TELEVISION. Is it that hard to understand? Based on the igorance shown in your article, the answer for you, is yes. So yes, the racing you see here was done at an airport, to simulate an unprepped street race, so that the 40+ television crew could come and film it, and it had to be done in accordance with the law, for obvious reasons (well, obvious to intelligent people).

These “code names,” aren’t code names. They’re screen names from an Internet forum that has exsisted much longer that the TV show, oh and the list is real, and has been for many years. If you’re going to make such luacris claims about it being created for TV, all you had to do was research, because the information has been on the Internet for many years, for anyone to see. Typical sloppy reporting from our glorious media. Yes, these races were done in a legal form at the airport, but they’re real races, and not staged. They were for legitimate spots on the list. ~GASP~

It’s obvious the author is an upstanding pillar in our community, and much mightier than the people on the show, nevermind that chuck “the loser” sold his house and is living in an RV, because he sold his 3800 sq ft home to be DEBT FREE. Are you debt free Mr high and mighty? He’s building his new home now, and is a successful business owner, and has been for many years.

It’s sad that your personal sense of importance in our community makes you so miserable, that you have to spend your time writing false things about our fellow Oklahomans, based off of a television show designed for entertainment. Nevermind the money they’ve raised at local events for tornado victims. I’m sure that doesn’t matter to you. Oh, and one of these events was at Cucks shop. It must be terrible to be in your shoes, and be so pathetic, that you have be so worried about people you don’t know, who are actually all good people. I truly feel sorry for you.

See what I mean about people taking the review too seriously? At least they truly feel sorry for me. I kind of do, too.


As others have pointed out, the list and the racers are very real. Many of them have been racing for longer than most of the commenters (and possibly the OP) have been alive. Is it hyped up for TV? Well, yeah, how else are we supposed to compete with Honey Boo Boo and her kin folk? As far as the OKC street scene goes, the kids on 39th are exactly that, kids. Nobody on that show or in the real scene around here would EVER condone racing on or around 39th street. These guys along with alot of others are real racers with real cars. Most of them are also among the nicest guys you’d ever hope to meet, notice I said “most”.


"How else are we supposed to compete with Honey Boo Boo and her kin folk?"

Way to set your standards high.


In reference to your critique of street outlaws I wouldjust like to say your facts are not correct as I know all of the people on this show nd the locations in which it took place I think you failed to report a factual critique. The racing is real the people are real yes the drama is real. These guys that are racing all have jobs and most of them have families. Why would they wear helmet? I challenge you to climb inside of a 1000 to 1800 hp car and not consider your safety and family. Also these races were held on the street I can guarantee that. These guys are not professional actors they are real people doing hat they love if people cannot relate to safety and the fact that these guys are doing a dangerous sport as safely as they possibly can then they are not very intelligent.


Jeremy should make wearing a helmet be part of his everyday life. I'm not sure he has many brain cells left.


just fyi--AZN & Sean (Farm Truck) guy are not actors...they are just normal guys who really are pals & they like to race. They both have jobs & lives & what not. Its cool that you thought they were actors though!


I didn't think they were actors. It was a joke.


The author of this article is a complete moron when it comes to this subject and should refrain from writing on topics he does not understand. Is the show scripted? sure it has to be appealing to the public so fabricated drama is a must. Yes “big bad” street racers wear helmets because most of the kots cars are making serious power. Not to mention several of the events are held at unpreped tracks. Make fun of the list all you want, but every region has a top 10 list. That is the way its structured much like any agency or department will use a ranking structure. Next time do yourself a favor and find a topic you know something about. cheers


Uhm, what "agency" or "department" is this guy talking about? I've had a bunch of weird / odd jobs in my life and I've never seen a place have a "top 10 list." Well, except for that time I worked for a vitamin company. One time a couple of co-workers and I compiled a list of "10 Girls We'd Like To Sleep With." Maybe that's why I've never been promoted.


You know, they are some of the fastest street cars on the planet, they are racing, they are professionals, and if you can’t say anything good about em, don’t say it! TURN IT OFF! It is a reality show. The reality is they are drag racing no matter where they are at and doing one hell of a job. “If it doesn’t need to be said, Don’t Say It”! “Turbo’s don’t suck”.

Turbo Terry

Actually, I haven't watched a show outside of that first episode, so I guess I took Turbo Terry's advice.


farm truck is a mobil home for the gay boys to do each other in the ass, asian bitch is a fag boy. those are the fasted cars in their town, not even in their state. if you you are, then go to ‘drag week’ and race Larry Larson’s nova. it ran under 6 seconds and over 200 mph in the quarter and is crowned the fasted street car in the world 5 years in a row for 2012 if your shit is fast enough.


Yeah, I have no clue.


First of all, you know nothing about racing if your going to mock these guys for wearing helmets, when they are going 150mph. As for Brandon being a meth head, you should get your facts straight. He is DRUG FREE! Also, you do not know the racers, what right do you have to put them down? You have seen 2 episodes. If you need to hate on someone, let it be the producers of the show. They created the story line. The racers just showed up and did what they do. If you don’t like it,please by all means, do not watch. We wont miss you.


I didn't say Brandon was a meth head. I wrote that he looked like a Michael Cera on meth. Big difference.


Farm Truck and AZN actors?? nope, my husband used to live next to Farm Truck….just a regular guy

- Jeanie

Once again, I did not seriously mean to imply that these dudes were actors. It was sarcasm. This is what I wrote:

Farm Truck and AZN

These wild guys race a 1970 Chevy Long Bed Truck and may be professional actors. Because of that, they are the most interesting and believable characters on the show.

These Street Outlaw fans pick up sarcasm about as well as Regular Jim Traber picks up a salad.


Hey there, just wanted to drop you a quick line about your review. Good stuff man! I couldn't agree more. I really hope the show is fake, cuz it'd be really sad if these losers put tens of thousands of dollars into their cars while their wives and kids live in poverty, with no potential of a financial payday.

That said, I really hate myself cuz I've seen every episode twice. Pretty solid unintentional comedy.

Okay, so it wasn't all hate mail.


Anyway, you can send us more hate mail via our "Contact Us" form. You can also leave a comment. Just keep in mind I may censor it from my protective cocoon.

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