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Caption Contest: Harry Houdini at the Peake…

Before we get to this edition of our caption contest, let's take a look at the last one we did. It was a photo of Wikipedia editor extraordinaire David Holt with Dog the Bounty Hunter:

dog david holt

In all honesty, that was a crummy photo for a caption competition. Here were a couple of captions that I found tolerable:

"Ever try anal?"

“Damn, Dog…I loved you in The Wrestler. Wanna go save some fetuses and spit on gay people?”

Yep, those were the best ones. This week's caption contest should be a lot easier, as we have several photos to look at:

kevin martin 5






kevin martin 2


Here are some of my suggestions:






"L0ok, it's the author of "How Not to Show Up in the Playoffs for Dummies."

"The 'good' player we got in the James Harden Trade."

"Hopefully not a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder next year."

"At least he can make a tip in."

"Probably now going to drop 30 in the next playoff game and still find a way to blow it."

I hope I didn't use up all the possible captions. I think I left a few out there.

And yes, I went to game last night and it's 2:00am and this is all I could think of for a post. Sorry.

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