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Law and Order

Some guy with demons in his soul was running naked through Downtown Oklahoma City…

2:48 PM EDT on April 24, 2013

clifford eugene anderson

The guy pictured above is Clifford Anderson. He was recently caught streaking and screaming through the streets of Downtown Oklahoma City. His excuse? He really needed some Burt's Bees.

Okay, just kidding. Demons are in his soul or something.


A naked man was arrested Friday after police said he ran screaming through downtown Oklahoma City.

Officers said several people called 911 saying they saw Clifford Eugene Anderson, 59, naked and running near the Arts Festival and Myriad Gardens area downtown. According to police, Anderson was "experiencing a psychosis of some kind, whether mental or drug-induced."

Citizens yelled to responding officers that Anderson was running near the library. Police said they called for backup because of Anderson's mental state. Anderson told officers he had "demons in my soul, evil in my brain, and evil in my soul."

Officers drew their stun guns, but didn't deploy them. They used a restraining device on Anderson.

He was taken to a metro hospital, where doctors advised he didn't have any drugs in his system. Anderson was arrested on one complaint of public indecency.

I was going to make fun of this guy, but once I learned he wasn't on drugs I decided not to. If anything, we should probably give him a medal or something. The dude had demons in his soul and an evil in his brain and all he did was run through the streets of downtown naked. Could have been worse, right? Usually people with those symptoms end up being profiled on Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds or some other shitty TV show that your parents watch.

Also, would you rather be zapped with a stun gun or be held down with a restraining device? I think I'd go stun gun. For one, it makes for a better a story when you tell your friends. Two, it may clear your head of all the demons. Just saying...

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