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The one where Mary Fallin asks Kevin Ogle about his brother’s website “The Lost Ogle”


Yesterday, Mary Fallin joined Kevin Ogle, Kirk Humphreys and Jari Askins on KFOR's Sunday morning political news program Flashpoint. They discussed a variety of important topics, including cutting the state income tax, repairing the State Capitol and Kevin Ogle's little brother's website, The Lost Ogle.

Check out the video. The fun stuff starts about 3/4 the way through at around the six-minute mark:

Yeah, that's kind of funny. It's not on the same level as Kirk Humphreys failed 2004 senate campaign or anything, but I still got a good laugh out of it.

This has been a weird couple of weeks for us. First the Oklahoman acknowledges that we're an online blog, then Mike McCarville refuses to call us obscure, and now the Governor of our state is teasing an Ogle brother about our not-obscure website on an obscure political show. We're one Jim Traber chasing Gary England around a baseball field moment away from watching our weird little universe collapse upon itself.

Anyway, here are some thoughts:

• Say what you want about Mary Fallin, but at least she has a sense of humor about some of this stuff. Or better yet, at least the people who rehearse her for these interviews have a sense of humor about this stuff. In all seriousness, I like it when politicians show their lighter side and make a joke or two. Well done, Ms. Fallin.

• Why did Kevin Ogle get so flustered? It's not like Mary Fallin brought out his Daisy Dukes or anything. Also, we're not that bad are we. The last thing we want to do is wake up Frankenogle:


• Is it just me, or does Jari Askins look a lot like Mike Turpen? Seriously, she's really let herself go. I probably would, too, if I lost a gubernatorial race to Mary Fallin. Speaking of that, what ever happened to Mike Turpen? I kind of miss the guy. He'd be a great mascot for Jimmy's Egg.

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