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According to the South Koreans, The Lost Ogle is the official team mascot of the Oklahoma City Thunder

11:23 AM EDT on March 26, 2013

By now, you probably know about the Thunder fan who hit a $20,000 half-court shot during Sunday night's game. The story of the fan who made the shot is awe-inspiring. His wife is battling cancer and they are going to use the prize money to help pay for her bills and treatment. You can donate to his wife's medical fund by clicking here.

Here's video of him nailing the $20,000 shot.

Wait. I got my half-court shot winners mixed up. The guy who won on Sunday is just some TV reporter dope that's dating Miss Missouri 2011. What a heart-stirring story, huh? I can't wait for the Tom Rinaldi profile.

Anyway, you may notice that Kevin Durant ran from the Thunder bench and awkwardly tackled the guy after he made the shot. Apparently that's a thing now, and because of it, the video has made the rounds all over the globe. This includes South Korea, which for some reason got us confused with Rumble.

From KPopStarz, Korea's best pop music and stars:

Television reporter Justin Dougherty nailed the half-court shot and that might have been more icing to the icing on the cake, because it was his birthday, according to USA Today. Dougherty won $20,000 and the recipient of a Kevin Durant tackle in Oklahoma, as the Thunder hosted the Portland Trail Blazers Sunday.

Dougherty tweeted prior to the game that he was going to have a chance at the $20,000.

"Prayer Request: I'm about to shoot free throws at the end of the 3rd quarter of tonight's @okcthunder game," Dougherty tweet said, which was attached with a confirmation letter.

As Dougherty hits the shot, the crowd goes wild. He then runs through the arms of others attempting to celebrate with him, which included the team's mascot, the Lost Ogle. The money winner even ran passed the cheerleaders who were holding the $20,000 check. He grabbed a woman in the crowd and the two stormed back to the court.

Still celebrating, he waived Kevin Durant to come join him and he did. Durant tackled him in celebratory fashion.

Dammit, our cover is blown. Now that they know we're not a magical buffalo that was struck by lightning, I bet the Thunder Girls are going to ban us from their dressing room. I wonder what I'll do with all these photos? Maybe I should give them away in a celebratory fashion.

In all seriousness, I've heard that we're big in Asia, but I always thought it was because we're taller than everyone over there. I had no clue they think we are Rumble. We should probably find away to capitalize on this success and meet PSY before our cover is blown. I would like for him to teach me how to horse dance.

Anyway, I have a couple of theories on how this mistake was made:

Theory One: The South Korean blogger who wrote the story found a Rumble photo on our site and wrote down The Lost Ogle instead. After that, she got back to singing karaoke and playing with her Hello Kitty Dolls.

Theory Two: This...


I have no clue what that means, but it pops up when you search Google Images for Rumble. Maybe they knew Clark Matthews like anime?

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