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After seeing this photo, we may have to call him Bulge Ibaka…

10:00 AM EDT on March 25, 2013


If Serge Ibaka seems kind of cocky, you really can't blame him. He's an elite athlete, multi-millionaire and is dating a hot, chart-topping singer. Plus, there's, uhm, this:

serge ibaka

I may not speak five languages, wear douchy clothes or be able to dunk a basketball, but it's good to finally know that Serge Ibaka and I have something in common. It's infortunate the "something" is that we both own way too many of those boring Thunder "Rise Together" playoff shirts, but it's a start.

Actually, I have no clue what's really going on in that pic. Every time I try to look at it I find myself simultaneously trying to look away. Is it just some awkward lighting, or is Steve Shaw currently on the phone with the Thunder PR requesting an interview. I emailed the pic to Clark Matthews to get his thoughts, and he told me he couldn't stop blushing. I forwarded it to Chelsea and she asked me to send her to Africa. Spencer did, too.

Anyway, I guess this will silence all of our female critics who think we only post gratuitous picks of hot chicks – at least until the 2013 Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May. Also, I look forward to seeing how many immature dick puns make the comments section. They won't be too hard to come up with.

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