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News 9’s Steve Shaw asked an OSU student if she can handle 5 to 8 inches…

spanky mealy

For the last two over-hyped weather events, we selected a couple of images that "summarized" the excessive severe weather coverage provided by our local media. One was the famous graphic of Mike Morgan declaring a cold windy day or life threatening blizzard. The other was a screenshot of the KOKH webpage that featured a bunch of weather maps with nothing on them.

This time around we're not choosing an image to summarize the coverage. If we did, it would be Spanky Mealy, the ringleader of the famed Mealy Boys. Instead, we're going to go with this video clip of Steve Shaw asking an OSU student a very peculiar question:


Yes, that really happened...on Oklahoma.

That video summarizes this round of media hype because it was the high-point in a very drab day. Seriously, the let down from the lack of snow was so great in OKC that we needed unintentional dick humor to lift our spirits. And it did? Thank Gary England the girl's name wasn't Bushrod. We may have never recovered.

Couple of other thoughts:

• Did you get the vibe that the college student didn't get what had just happened? I sure did.

• Did you get the vibe that Steve Shaw totally got what had just happened? After the girl gave him a strait-faced question, he kind of raised the tone of his voice and quickly tried to change the subject. He was like "Holy Shit I can't believe she just answered that!" The only problem is that Steve Shaw is so incompetent that he changed the subject to stuffing a face with bacon.

• "They're expecting five to eight inches. Can you handle that?" is going to be my new pick-up line at bars.

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