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Caption Contest: Regular Jim Traber eating popcorn in a movie theater


Over the weekend, a brave Ogle Mole sent me a pic what appears to be Regular Jim Traber eating popcorn by himself in a movie theater. When I saw the photo, the first thing that came to mind was "caption contest."

Here's the pic. The brave mole apparently took it with his cell phone:

jim traber popcorn

You know the drill. Submit your caption for this photo. In a week or so, I'll scroll through them all and list my favorites. If yours makes the cut, you'll win a TLO ink pen, which reminds me, I still need to mail ink pens to the people from our previous competitions. I actually intended the ink pen thing to be a joke, but people actually wanted one.

Anyway, here are three I came up with real fast:

- First you wrap your popcorn with a cheesecloth...

- I wish my wife would let me tweet about this.

- I hope no one can see you, Al! Easy there, big fella!

Have fun, Moles.

Update: According to some readers, it looks like there may be a person sitting next to Jim. It's hard to tell.

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