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Russell Westbrook drives a very fast yellow car…

In what can be defined as a classic "look ahead" game, the Thunder were soundly defeated by the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night by a score of 109-94. You really can't blame Berry's Boomers for the crummy performance. With the Heat coming to OKC tonight for perhaps the biggest regular season home game in Thunder history, who really cares about an average Utah squad.

After the game, a reporter asked Russell Westbrook a question. And this happened:

Stupid episodes like that are why I can never get 100% behind Russell Westbrook. I know he's an elite player, but he wears his emotions on his sleeves, and it just so happens those emotions mimic a screaming and crying eight-year-old whose Mom won't let him get two scoops at Baskin-Robbins. Seriously, it's time for Russ to grow up and quit throwing childish tantrums. He's turning into the Regular Jim Traber of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Each time he explodes like this (i.e. running off the court, jawing with KD, etc.) it makes me wonder if Presti traded away the wrong all-star. Maybe he did. Would you rather have KD & Russ or KD & Harden? You can make a compelling case for both.

Anyway, I didn't intend for this post to devolve into a fruitless debate over Harden and Westbrook (I'm team Harden). I just wanted to point out that based on Westbrook's attitude, it's not very surprising that he drives this car:

Russell Westbrook car lamborghini

According to the high-level Ogle Mole who snapped the pic, that's Russell Westbrook's car. I think it's a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700. If I were a crying eight-year-old at Baskin-Robbins, I'd definitely have a poster of it in my room. And if I owned one, I'd also park it like I was auditioning for "Fast and the Furious 8." Cars like that are allowed to make their own parking spots. Amen.

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