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Jim Traber has quit Twitter, may have been catfished…

By Tony

9:00 AM EST on February 11, 2013

This will not be your typical edition of the Monday Morning Tweets. We will not feature strange tweets from Dean Blevins, awkward conversations with Linda Cavanaugh, and random exclamation points from Regular Jim Traber. This is because Traber deleted his Twitter account and Linda and Dean are just as stunned as we are.

The story and mystery surrounding this development is very bizarre. On Saturday night, because I have an awesome social life, I combed through Twitter and looked for tweets I could use for this week's post. For whatever reason I decided to pick Traber's first. The most recent tweet was about one minute old. It was sent by his wife, Julie. And it wasn't very f-cking nice.

Check it out:

trabes jules

Yeah, Jim Traber's wife sent a pissed-off, jealous tweet from his account to one of his followers. I swear when I saw that my eyes did one of those things like in the cartoons where they bulge completely out of my head. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I grabbed a screen shot and texted Patrick a link. By that time, it had already been deleted. It was either insane luck or divine intervention that I happened to be looking at his account at that exact moment.

Shortly after the tweet from Jules, @Sportsgrl4Me replied:

sports grl reply

We're not sure if she was genuinely confused or just playing dumb, and we may never know. Before we had a chance to contact her, @Sportsgrl4Me deleted her account.


The identity of @Sportsgrl4Me was and still is a mystery. There was no name associated with the account and it had only 123 tweets. A lot of those tweets were conversations with Jim. They seemed benign enough. Here are some of screenshots we were able to capture:

sports grl first tweet


jim traber tweets catfish4


jim traber tweets catfish3


jim traber tweets catfish2


jim traber tweets catfish1

And this is the point where Julie sent her tweet:

trabes jules

Then to make this story weirder, Traber deleted his Twitter account. This was the same account he promoted constantly on the Sports Animal. He would brag about how many followers he had and how many people he blocked. He used it to flirt with Hunter Mahan and Bo Van Pelt. And he deleted it just as quickly as he would a bowl of turkey soup.

So what's going on here?

My first instinct is that Traber was catfished by someone who's not good at catfishing. @Sportsgrl4Me posted no pictures of herself, her avatar was of a Yankees t-shirt covering two large breasts, and almost all of her tweets were sports-themed and directed at Jim Traber, Dean Blevins, Mark Rodgers, various athletes, and the Twitter accounts of the Land Thieves and Thunder Obsessed message boards. If not a catfish account, she was one of the biggest jersey chasers around.

Still, that doesn't explain Julie Traber's reaction and the sudden deletion of Jim's Twitter account. Did Sportsgrl4Me and Jim exchange some DMs? Did she ask how to break in a baseball mitt? Did he offer to show her his colostomy bag? Something had to happen, right? Why else would Julie go off and send what she probably assumed was a DM?

Anyway, we'll probably never know the full story. Jim's probably coming up with a good lie to tell as you're reading this. "Don't f-cking contact my husband again" may go down as one of the great unsolved mysteries of our time, standing alongside Stonehenge, the Black Dahlia murder and why Ted's is so popular.

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