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Here’s an Emily Sutton bikini pic…

When Emily Sutton first moved to this market in late 2009 (pic above), I don't think anyone would have predicted that she'd blossom into the local pop culture phenomenon that she's become today. I'm not sure if it's due to her charm, sneaky (and somewhat nerdy) good looks, or the fact that Oklahomans seem to love anything that has to do with the weather, Emily Sutton's popularity is just off the charts! Hell, she's so popular that we had to dedicate an entire posts to her bangs.

If you need proof of the adoration people have for her, take a look at the top 15 Emily Sutton search engine queries we've received over the past six months. They're both funny and and dedicating an entire post to her bangs:

Okay, so maybe her sneaky good looks have something to do with it.

Anyway, today is a lucky day for those 59 Internet perverts who found The Lost Ogle by searching "Emily Sutton Bikini." Behold the Emily Sutton bikini pic:

I'm not sure what's more impressive. Is it Emily Sutton's transformation from a homely weather nerd into an F5 multi-vortex maxi-wedge severe weather babe grinder??? Or is it our transformation from a little blog into one of those websites that puts a watermark logo on pics of girls in bikinis? Put me on Team Sutton.

Also, you know how the classic Amy McRee pink bikini pic kind of stereotypical fits Amy McRee — a blonde babe with implants hanging out with Junior League wannabes who probably want implants?

Well, I think that pic above perfectly fits Emily Sutton. Just look at it. She's hanging out with a couple of dorks, wearing polka dots, and isn't afraid to get her hair wet. She's not some unattainable girl hanging out with unattainable friends. She's the cute girl next door who makes you think you got a chance...and also knows a thing or two about Doppler radar. Who wouldn't go for that?

Few other thoughts:

- Big thanks to the Ogle Mole who sent us this pic.

- Please don't make me moderate any comments. Please don't make me moderate any comments. Please don't make me moderate any comments.

- Amy McRee? Check. Jessica Schambach? Check. Tiffany Titro Tatro? Check. Come one Moles, send us that Jaime Cerreta / Lacey Swope / Joleen Chaney / Mean Dueweke bikini pic. Make it happen!

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