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Here are some pictures of Justin Bieber in Tulsa…

If you read Twitter or know people who haven't started puberty yet, you probably heard that tween sensation Justin Bieber was in town last week for a concert at Tulsa's own space orb, the BOK Center. Rather than trashing his hotel room like the great rock stars who've stayed at the Mayo Hotel before him (or drinking warm milk and making his 8:30 bed time like I would have guessed), The Biebs spent his two nights in T-Town hitting up some local hotspots.

Obviously, we needed some tangible evidence of these shenanigans--so we reached out to our Ogle Mole network for some snapshots. Here are the best ones we rounded up.

Here is Justin Bieber and probably his back-up dancers in the birthday party room of the Dust Bowl at Tulsa's own Blue Dome District. I know this is real because I've spend many-a weekend hurling hot pink bowling balls, sipping frozen LITs, and high-fiving the friendly bouncer and waitresses who know me by name at this very place.

The Biebs doesn't wear bowling shoes, because he's rebellious and stuff. He does wear wife beaters and camouflage cargo shorts though, because he's from Canada.

This is Justin Bieber and his diminutive frame curling what appears to be a ten pound dumbbell. Bieber's friends are probably there to spot him, or draw some attention away from Justin's oddly lengthy shorts.

This took place in the Mayo's fitness center. I know this is legit because I work out here like, all the time. For real, I totally go here to exercise--definitely not to snoop around for petroleum engineers or landmen or lawyers. What kind of a creep do you think I am?

You're going to have to trust my 10,000+ hours of Tulsa experience to understand this candid. Here, Bieber and what appears to be his back-up dancin' BFF are riding in the Mayo Hotel's courtesy Escalade. The guy driving is my friend Antuan, you can see his pink cardigan-clad arm through the window. He's pretty used to chauffeuring shit-faced people and visiting celebrities around, but this might be one of the first times he's encountered a famous person without a driver's license. Also, that's definitely the Mayo Motor Inn in the background.

Now, I know some of your might think that chick in the picture wildly charging at the Escalade with the familiar long messy brown hair could be me. I promise you, it is not. First off, I would never wear white after Labor Day. Secondly, I can think of about five more efficient ways to halt a moving vehicle that do not include running after it. I don't chase men, I don't chase pavements, I don't chase waterfalls, and I most definitely don't chase courtesy shuttles.

From one golden boy to another, apparently the Biebs had time to do a little bit of sight-seeing while in Green Country...

...and experience some of our fine local cuisine.

I know J-Biebs and that pretty Latina chick broke up and all, but you can't blame a brother for checking out Oklahoma's best chain of naughty and novelty treats.

Here's a picture of Justin Bieber hanging out with a local celebrity!

Here's a photo of The Biebs hanging out with some people I forgot existed.

Oh wait, actually I think this is just one of Justin's lesbian doppelgängers. My B.

Okay, so maybe I Photoshopped a few of these.

Regardless, The Biebs was in Tulsa, and according to this tweet from the man kid extra from Tila Tequila's Shot At Love teen star himself, we were the first city to play Justin Bieber's music. And we have that freakin' cool and successful WNBA team. We're moving up the ranks, you watch yo back OKC.


Chelsea only spends part of her days stalking teenage dreamboats. Follow her on Twitter at @xCawoodstock.

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